10 Pushup Variations You Need To Try


These are the 10 Pushup Variations You Need To Try

Pushups are one of the first physical exercises most people learn to perform while growing up. Since pushups are a symbol of strength, they are one of the most common physical competitions people engage in around the world.

Although there is a lot more to pushups than many people realize. The traditional pushups target the chest but there are many other variations of this exercise which work other muscle groups.

1. Traditional / Basic Pushups

Everyone needs to start somewhere and the traditional pushups are for the people who are just starting to workout. In this exercise, you lay down facing the floor with your hands placed on the floor at each side of your chest. If this variation is hard for you, you should start with kneeling push-ups or wall push-ups until you build strength.

2. Diamond Pushups

While the traditional pushups primarily work your chest, the diamond pushups are efficient at engaging your triceps more than your chest. In diamond pushups, you form a triangle by joining both your thumbs and index fingers under your chest.

3. Superman Pushups

Superman pushups are one of the harder forms of pushups. This exercise engages your core and requires shoulder strength. Lie down facing the floor with your arms and legs stretched out. Perform the pushups using your shoulders.

4. Clap Pushups

There are only a few other pushups variations which can increase your strength and explosiveness like the clap pushups. Perform a traditional push-up, explode your way up so your hands are off the ground. Clap your hands while you’re in the air.

5. Spiderman Pushups

You’re wrong if you thought pushups can only engage and develop your chest. Spiderman pushups work your core and help you in developing the obliques. Get into the traditional push-up position, raise your right leg to your right elbow and hold it at this position while you perform a set. Repeat for the left side with your right foot on the floor.

6. One-Armed Pushups

Single-armed pushups have been the symbol of badassery for a long time. One-armed pushups are a unilateral exercise which works one side of your body at a time. Unilateral exercises are great at fixing muscle imbalances and building strength.

7. Incline Pushups

Incline pushups involve the same hand placements as the traditional pushups. This exercise works your lower pecs and triceps. In incline pushups, you have your feets placed on the floor while your hands are placed on an elevated platform like a bench.

8. Decline Pushups

Decline pushups are the opposite of the incline pushups. In this exercise, your feet are placed on an elevated platform while your hands are on the floor. Decline pushups work your upper pecs and shoulders.

9. Weighted Pushups

Weighted pushups can be a variation of all the exercises mentioned in this article. If you find any of the exercises on this list to be easy, feel free to add resistance by using weights.

10. One-Leg Pushups

Single-legged pushups are one of the few pushups variation which involved your lower body. Raise your right leg with your left foot on the floor while you perform a set of pushups. Repeat with the left leg raised and your right foot on the floor. Doing this will recruit your core and abs.

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