2022 Clash of the Titanz Pro-Am Results


Daisha Johnson wins the 2022 Clash of the Titanz Pro-Am!

The 2022 Clash of the Titanz Pro-Am took place in Atlanta on Saturday with Figure and Wellness taking precedent. This competition handed out two qualifications to the biggest show of the year taking place in December. In the end, Daisha Johnson was victorious in their respective divisions.

The Clash of Titanz bodybuilding competition only featured one division, Wellness, over the weekend – but was truly a clash as the title of the show suggests. 10 Wellness athletes competed for the top spot in an impressive showcase of physiques. Diasha Johnson ended up taking the top spot followed by Jasmine Payne in second place and Leticia Allen in third.

The winner of the Clash of Titanz event qualified for this year’s Olympia 2022 weekend – earning Johnson a chance to compete against the best in the world for the most prestigious title in the sport of bodybuilding.

The full results from the show have been announced. Below, you can find the full breakdown from the event along with official score cards!

2022 Clash of the Titanz Pro-Am Breakdown


  • First Place – Daisha Johnson
  • Second Place – Jasmine Payne
  • Third Place – Leticia Allen
  • Fourth Place – Melitza Guerrero
  • Fifth Place – Rachel Lee
  • Sixth Place – Victoria J. Puentes

2022 Clash of the Titanz Pro-Am Official Score Cards

2022 Clash of the Titanz Pro-Am score card


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