2022 Finland Pro Results


Josh Eastham wins Classic Physique at the 2022 Finland Pro!

The 2022 Finland Pro gave competitors a chance to reach different goals depending on their current division. Athletes from NPC were given a chance to earn their Pro Cards while professionals were battling for qualification to the Olympia. In the end, Josh Eastham and Adela Ondrejovicova highlighted the shows with victories in their respective divisions.

Eastham was able to earn his Pro Card and qualify for the Olympia with his victory. He is one of the up-and-coming IFBB talents and will now have a chance to show what he can do right away. Ondrejovicova earned second place at the Empro Pro this year and will now qualify for the Olympia after her victory in Figure.

The full results from the show have been announced. There were two divisions earning qualification to the Olympia while nine competitors earned their Pro Cards. Checkout the full breakdown from the event below, along with official score cards.

2022 Finland Pro: All Division Winners

  • Classic Physique: Josh Eastham
  • Figure: Adela Ondrejovicova

2022 Finland Pro Breakdown

Classic Physique

  • First Place – Josh Eastham
  • Second Place – Valentin Petrov
  • Third Place – Muneer Al Jassas
  • Fourth Place – Joe Brighty


  • First Place – Adela Ondrejovicova
  • Second Place – Paula Ranta
  • Third Place – Hannah Prause
  • Fourth Place – China Green
  • Fifth Place – Gabriela Linhartova
  • Sixth Place – Roberta Visintainer

2022 Finland Pro Official Score Cards

Classic Physique Figure


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