2022 Governors Cup Pro Results


Karina Grau wins the 2022 Governors Cup Pro!

This weekend was a busy one around the sport of bodybuilding and that included a Figure show in Sacramento. Nine competitors from the division took the stage hoping to leave with a ticket to the Olympia. In the end, it was Karina Grau who stood out from the rest and took home the gold.

Grau took the stage for the first time this year in Sacramento after competing four times in 2021. Her best finish came when she finished as the runner-up during the Zhanna Rotar Classic Pro. Grau will now have a chance to make her mark on the biggest stage in the sport.

The full results from the event have been announced. The Figure division was the star of the show and the breakdown from the event, along with an official score card, can be found below!

2022 Governors Cup Pro Breakdown

  • First Place – Karina Grau
  • Second Place – Wendy Fortino
  • Third Place – Desiree Alferes
  • Fourth Place – Melissa Cech
  • Fifth Place – Dalila Alegria
  • Sixth Place – Danielle Rose
  • Seventh Place – Kim Clark
  • Eighth Place – Jessica Baltazar
  • Ninth Place – Annette Garcia

2022 Governors Cup Pro Official Score Card

Score Card

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