2022 Musclecontest Campinas Pro Results


Junior Javorski wins the 2022 Musclecontest Campinas Pro

This weekend held the 2022 Musclecontest Campinas Pro bodybuilding competition on Saturday March 19, 2022. The competition featured only one division, Classic Physique, with the winner earning a qualification into the Mr. Olympia competition. After a hard fought battle, Junior Javorski won first place at the 2022 Musclecontest Campinas Pro.

The competition, while only having one division on display, featured the Classic Physique category. A category which has been growing in popularity year after year. Most notably, last weekend’s 2022 Boston Pro featured the Classic Physique division as the final competition of the night – with Men’s Physique finals taking place earlier in the evening. This was a first for a pro bodybuilding show which typically features Men’s Open last as the highlight of the night.

The 2022 Musclecontest Campinas Pro took place in Campinas, Brazil. Read on for our full breakdown of the results and scorecards. 

2022 Musclecontest Campinas Pro Results

Classic Physique

  • Winner – Junior Javorski
  • Second Place – Fabio Junior Ramos Vale
  • Third Place – Julio Cesar Alimiento Simoes
  • Fourth Place – Luan de Souza Bento
  • Fifth Place – Maycon Viana da Silva

2022 Musclecontest Campinas Pro Scorecard

2022 Musclecontest Campinas Pro Classic Physique scorecard
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