2022 Olympia Bikini Prejudging Report & Analysis


Here is a full breakdown from the Olympia 2022 Bikini prejudging.

The Bikini division took the stage on Saturday as the final division to be judged at the 2022 Olympia. The finals will take place during the night portion as a large group looks to take the prize from Jennifer Dorie.

This division is full of talent and former Olympia champions. Dorie will not have an easy task in defending her title with the likes of Lauralie Chapados and Ashley Kaltwasser in the mix. Former Olympia champion Elisa Pecini was also part of the first callout. Janet Layug made her return to the Olympia stage this year after a one-year hiatus. She did not lose her title last year and will be looking to show that she is still elite.

During the final callout, Dorie was joined by Kaltwasser, Hill, and Blanquisco. This has a chance to be the top four come Saturday night.

The Bikini finals will take place on Saturday night. It is shaping up to be quite the finish and a must-watch event. The prejudging portion of the Bikini event is now complete. Below, you can find a full breakdown of the event.

Callout Report

2022 Olympia

First Callout

  • Romina Basualdo
  • Maureen Blanquisco
  • Lauralie Chapados
  • Aimee Leann Delgado
  • Daraja Hill
  • Ashley Kaltwasser
  • Janet Layug
  • Elisa Pecini
  • Jennifer Dorie

2022 Olympia

Second Callout

  • Eli Fernandez
  • Phoebe Hill
  • Ivanna Escandar
  • Jourdanne Lee
  • Jibin Park
  • Yurika Shigemoto
  • Ashlyn Little

2022 Olympia

Third Callout

  • Vania Auguste
  • Aleksandra Banda
  • Marie-Eve Duchesneau
  • Jordan Fisher
  • Phoebe Hagan
  • Gabriela Mohamed
  • Erin Stern
  • Sierra Swann
  • Jessica Wilson

2022 Olympia

Fourth Callout

  • Kristina Brunauer
  • Eszter Oczella
  • Danielle Phelps
  • Alexandria Ross
  • Maia Gordon
  • Shenese Case
  • Francesca Stoico
  • Lawna Dunbar

2022 Olympia

Fifth Callout

  • Susana Aramayo
  • Jordan Brannon
  • Wiktoria Gasior
  • Stine Hansen
  • Sally-Anne Kato
  • Hayeun Kim
  • Jodie Yuncker
  • Laura Ziv

2022 Olympia

Sixth Callout

  • Valerya Fedorenko
  • Yan Geo
  • Roxana Marquez
  • Ottavia Mazza
  • Shelby Pierce
  • Jil Meret Schmitz
  • Rukiye Solak
  • Christiane Silveira
  • Cheuk Nam Yuen

2022 Olympia

Seventh Callout

  • Romina Basualdo
  • Phoebe Hagan
  • Janet Layug
  • Elisa Pecini
  • Lauralie Chapados
  • Aimee Leann Delgado

2022 Olympia

Eighth Callout (Top 4)

  • Maureen Blanquisco
  • Daraja Hill
  • Ashley Kaltwasser
  • Jennifer Dorie

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