2022 Republic Of Texas Pro Results


Nicolas Koeu wins Men’s Physique at the 2022 Republic of Texas Pro!

The 2022 Republic of Texas Pro gave Men’s Physique, Bikini, and Wellness competitors a chance to qualify for the biggest show of the year. On Saturday, the Fairmont Austin was the site of the event that saw Nicolas Koeu take home a gold medal in Men’s Physique.

Koeu will now have the chance to prepare to contend with some of the other elite competitors in the sport. He was part of the 2021 Olympia and finished 16th. Koeu had great success in this competition last year, finishing in the top three but was able to take the next step.

Erin Stern has competed three times in 2022 and finally earned a trip to the Olympia with this victory. She has a second-place finish during the Miami Muscle Beach Pro and fifth place at the New York Pro under her belt. Rounding out the winners was Isamara Santos earning a gold medal in Wellness.

The full results from the show have been announced. Below, checkout the full results and breakdown from the event, along with official score cards, from the weekend!

2022 Republic of Texas Pro: All Division Winners

  • Men’s Physique: Nicolas Koeu
  • Bikini: Erin Stern
  • Wellness: Isamara Santos

2022 Republic of Texas Pro Breakdown

Men’s Physique

  • First Place – Nicolas Koeu
  • Second Place – Jeremiah Maxey
  • Third Place – Joshua Dennison
  • Fourth Place – Javiohn Seymore
  • Fifth Place – Chidube Anene
  • Sixth Place – Rhyan Clark
  • Seventh Place – Winston Sullivan
  • Eighth Place – Frank Worley
  • Ninth Place – Diego Garcia
  • Tenth Place – Gary Cooper


  • First Place – Erin Stern
  • Second Place – Jessica Wilson
  • Third Place – Shelby Pierce
  • Fourth Place – Malu Duarte
  • Fifth Place – Jordan Brannon
  • Sixth Place – Hope Harper
  • Seventh Place – Lauren Adams
  • Eighth Place – Carla Garthwaite
  • Ninth Place – Laura Ziv
  • Tenth Place – Adrianna Kaczmarek


  • First Place – Isamara Santos
  • Second Place – Alejandra La Fonseca
  • Third Place – Diana Laura Verduzco
  • Fourth Place – Judian Winston
  • Fifth Place – Jenna de Manincor
  • Sixth Place – Rachel Lee
  • Seventh Place – Nicolette Burns
  • Eighth Place – Carie Bradshaw
  • Ninth Place – Madison Luna
  • Tenth Place – Mia Samuels-Menjivar

2022 Republic of Texas Pro Official Score Cards

Men's Physique Men's Physique 2

Bikini Bikini



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