3x Natural Olympia Champ William Long Interview: Favorite Exercises, Nutrition Strategies, and a Triceps Workout Secret Weapon


3x Natural Olympia Men’s Physique champ gave away his favorite workouts and nutrition secrets during an interview.

The 3x International Natural Association (INBA)/Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) Natural Olympia Men’s Physique champ William Long disclosed many facets regarding his training and nutrition when answering interview questions. Long shared why deadlifts are his favorite exercise, an old-school movement that he credits to the bulk of his triceps growth, and what he discovered about his nutrition that had the most significant impact on his physique. Plus, he revealed that there’s nothing special about this workout plan and only one thing he does in the gym that has made him a 3x Natural Olympia champ. Keep reading to see the 3x Natural Olympia’s champs questions and answers.

William Long Interview Questions (Q) and Answers (A)

When asked about his workout plan, Long noted that there’s nothing special about it and that “I go to the gym and bust my ass.” However, he did acknowledge that he does a typical “bro split” and trains separate muscle groups once weekly, five days a week, and has two rest days. Below we’ll dive into William Long’s response when asked about his favorite exercises and nutrition.

Q: What are your favorite exercises? 

A: “Deadlifts are without a doubt my favorite exercise. There’s nothing like pulling heavy weight off the ground. Deadlifts engage the entire body and give you a greater boost in testosterone and growth hormone than any other exercise, in my opinion. 

Barbell rows are a close second. Again, pulling heavy weight. Heavy rows have developed my back width and density more than anything else. 

The pullover press is an old-school compound exercise I attribute most to the development of my triceps. It’s a total upper body movement that is a combination of pullover and close grip bench press. It really opens you up.”

Q: How does your nutrition look in-season and off-season? What meals and nutrition targets do you have? 

A: As far as my diet goes, it’s pretty basic. I try to incorporate the most nutrient-dense foods possible within my calorie allotment and macronutrient breakdown. Whether it’s pre-contest or off-season, I eat the same meals. The only difference is quantity. When I diet down for competition, all I do is gradually reduce what I have already been doing. 

My macronutrient breakdown is normally 1-1.15g protein/lb bodyweight, 20-25% of my calories from fats, and the remainder of my calories filled by carbs. 

Some unique foods I like to incorporate are kimchi and sesame oil. What I believe helped improve my physique the most was paying attention to my electrolytes balance. I included more potassium-rich foods like spinach, bananas, and potatoes. I also measure my salt. I have never felt better during a prep. Everything is weighed and measured so everything can be controlled and easily manipulated.”

What’s Next For William Long? 

Although William Long’s dominated the Men’s Physique class, he plans to take a year off to train his body for the Classic Physique division.

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