5 Foods You Need To Cut Out Of Your Diet Right Now


Abstain From Eating These Food Items On A Diet

As the fitness trend is catching pace, people are understanding the importance of nutrition in their transformation. If you’re working towards your fitness or physique goals, you can’t afford to go wrong with your food and beverage choices.

Some foods have become a major part of our routines and we unconsciously incline towards eating them. These foods tend to slip through the fine cracks of a well-deliberated diet. If you have been following a diet for some time now but can’t see results, you should cut out these items from your diet.

White Bread

Eating white bread can hurt your blood glucose sugar levels. The white bread ranks high on the Glycemic Index (GI) – an index that ranks food based on their effects on blood sugar levels.

Before you dump your white bread and head to the nearest brown bread, make sure it doesn’t list white flour and caramel coloring as the first and second ingredients. Some companies take cheap white bread and stain it with caramel color – the thing used to make Diet Coke brown.

Pre-Made Salads

Some people love going to fast food chains and ordering pre-made salads as they consider it the healthiest option. Many even go to fresh salad parlors and get their meal dressed with millions of sauces, stripping the salad off all its nutritional values.

If you go to a store that offers refrigerated pre-made salads, you should check it’s nutritional info before buying. Some of the pre-made salads have such high caloric content that they are nothing more than fat bombs.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruits are one of the go-to munching snacks for many people. While the dried fruits are full of healthy fats, you should not go overboard with them as fats are harder to burn off as compared to the other two macronutrients.

Some of the dehydrated food can contain added sugar and sulfur to extend its shelf life. The things go from worse to worst as the water is removed from the fruits which can lead to overeating.

Junk Food

If you’re on any kind of nutrition program and schedule, you should cut out junk food from your diet. Pizzas, burgers, fries, ice-cream, or any kind of fried foods can throw you off your schedule.

You should go as far as eliminating processed food from your diet. Processed food is filled with empty calories. If you’re a serious lifter, you need to eat food which will feed your muscles with the essential macros and micronutrients.

Aerated Drinks

There has been an influx of aerated drinks in the market. You can probably buy a soda in the flavor of your liking and have enough new flavors to try every day for a couple of months.

A big number of people have been switching over to diet sodas from the traditional ones in hopes of making healthier choices. The diet sodas have artificial sweeteners in them which have been proven to cause cancer in lab rats.

Artificial sweeteners are 100 times sweeter than the naturally occurring fructose and sucrose which are used in orthodox sodas. So, if you’re craving for a soda (which you shouldn’t), the traditional one would be a better option.

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