A Training Plan For Masters 50+ Rowers


A Training Plan For Masters 50+ Rowers

A Training Plan For Masters 50+ Rowers


Exercise is such an important part of life, but can get overlooked when life takes priority. And staying truly fit is even harder with age. Although your body holds on to aerobic endurance a little longer as you age, your power output can drop dramatically if it is not properly maintained.



This training plan is designed for the aging adult rower. With the reduced volume of work, the increase in intensity, the increase in the amount of rest within a workout, a more controlled level of perceived exertion, and the option for an extra recovery day, this training plan will fit into your busy life while keeping you fit, healthy, and powerful.


Let's cover some definitions. Try these rowing warm up (WU) and cool down (CD) routines as part of your routine. In the context of the programming, WU and CD refer to your build up and down in your stroke rate (SR). The SR is the number of times you pull in a minute, and is displayed on the erg. Your steady state (SS) performance means maintaining the same pace over a period of time or distance.


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A Training Plan For Masters 50+ Rowers

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