After Defeating Anderson Silva, Will Jake Paul Finally Get Some Respect?


Jake Paul had an epic battle with Anderson Silva this past weekend.

Jake Paul defeated UFC legend Anderson Silva this past weekend and has sparked the question: will the social media personality finally get some credit? With the performance Paul put in, he should be given his due.

The fight game is truly interesting. You can perform well do everything necessary to prove to the masses that you are legitimate and still end up on the wrong side of vitriol. While many are giving Jake Paul plenty of credit for defeating UFC legend Anderson Silva this past weekend, they are plenty of others who still believe that the YouTube and social media star isn’t deserving of any accolades.

His performance against Anderson Silva over this past weekend was truly impressive, one Jake Paul should be proud of. Despite Silva being 47 years old they are very few fighters who could legitimately hurt the former UFC middleweight champion. So when Paul knocked down Silva in the last round of their boxing match it was a truly impressive sight to behold.

The Future

So what is next for Jake Paul? After having defeated former UFC champions Tyron Woodley and Anderson Silva, it’s likely we see Paul once again challenge a UFC veteran. Based on the drama that occurred with former UFC fighter Nate Diaz, it would perhaps be a match that the fight community may want to see.

Nate Diaz was Escorted from the venue by the authorities after an altercation.

With so much drama unfolding at the Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva match, this could prove to be some great publicity for a future matchup with Nate Diaz. For now only time will tell.

Did you turn in for the Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva boxing match?

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