After Eddie Hall Mentions His Mom, Thor Bjornsson Attacks Him at Press Conference


Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson are ready to go to war

Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson nearly came to blows at the press conference ahead of their bout this Saturday. Hall crossed the line after he mentioned Thor’s mother.

These two really don’t like each other. While it’s no secret that Thor and Eddie Hall have always been rivals, their beef has reached a whole new level. They’ve had several run ins before the fight, each time the meets almost resulting in a full blown brawl.

Hall has been brash and in Thor’s face at every turn. It’s surprising that the two haven’t come to blows, especially after the first face to face this week. Hall even spit at Thor who returned fire as well. Luckily there were enough people between them to prevent the two behemoths from clashing.

Their second run in with each other happened during a sit down meet that saw the two once again trading scornful trash talk. Luckily they were both able to control themselves before things turned physical.

The recent press conference however was a whole different story.

At the press conference Eddie Hall made the bold move to tell Thor Bjornsson to “quiet your mum.” It was perhaps the worst thing that Hall could have said.

Obviously Thor Bjornsson wasn’t happy and Eddie Hall may have just opened a can of worms he won’t be able to close. You can see the entire press conference below.

With just one more sleep to go the heaviest boxing match in history will go down as Hafthor Bjornsson (335lbs) locks horns with Eddie Hall (313.5lbs).

Who do you think wins this strongman boxing match?

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