After Rekindling Their Rivalry, Can Blessing Awodibu Actually Defeat Nick Walker?


Can Blessing Awodibu beat Nick Walker?

After winning the 2022 New York Pro Blessing Awodibu reignited his rivalry with fellow standout bodybuilder Nick Walker. Both men have shared the stage before, but it was Walker who came away with the victory. Now, with his own New York Pro title under his belt, Blessing is looking to take no prisoners. But can he actually get his revenge against Walker at the 2022 Olympia?

What Each Man Brings to the Stage

It’s clear that Blessing Awodibu has the total package. He has great balance to his physique, a small waist and has been able to improve upon all the weaknesses that held him back at last year’s shows. Blessing was unable to back up all the trash talk he had done before the New York Pro. Nick Walker came into the show and absolutely dominated the field, including blessing. The chief culprit to Blessing’s failure in 2021? His less than adequate legs. However, since then, Blessing has improved upon this weakness and showed some truly impressive and well-built legs at the 2022 New York pro.

With that being said, Nick Walker will be quite the challenge to overcome. Walker possesses freakish size and pretty great conditioning himself. Perhaps the only drawback to Walker’s physique could be his blockier midsection. That point of contention is what saw him take 5th place at the 2021 Olympia behind Hunter Labrada. With that in consideration, Walker has been taking care of these issues in the offseason and hopes to bring something special to the Olympia stage come December.

What Will Blessing Need to Do to Beat Walker?

Firstly, Blessing Awodibu will have to bring up his legs even more. While his legs were truly impressive at the New York Pro, he’ll be up against the best of the best at the 2022 Olympia. There can be no room for any drawbacks if he hopes to win the show, or at least place in the top five. It’s guaranteed that Nick Walker will have the size advantage over her blessing. But what helps Blessing is his incredible structure. His massive shoulders, back, and chest coupled with his slim waist is perhaps his biggest advantage over Walker.

If Blessing utilizes superior posing as well as his unique personality and stage presence to win over the judges, he just may be able to pull it off.

The only problem is he’ll still have to deal with the likes of Big Ramy and Brandon Curry in the top three, both men holding Olympia victories to their name. There will be no small feat to overcome, but you can be sure that Blessing Awodibu will do so with a smile on his face and determination in his heart.

Do you think Blessing Awodibu can defeat Nick Walker at the 2022 Olympia?

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