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Alessandra Alves Lima
Photo via @eualessandraalves2 Instagram

Alessandra Alvez Lima is a bodybuilder, fitness model, and online businesswoman with a great physique and unique look. With her videos and photos online and on social media, she shows people what it’s like to work hard and serves as inspiration as well.

Below is a complete breakdown of Alessandra Alvez Lima’s profile, stats, biography, training and diet regimens.

Full Name: Alessandra Alvez Lima
Weight Height Date Of Birth
165-170 lbs. 5’5” October 2020
Profession Era Nationality
Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, Online Businesswoman 2010 Brazilian


Alessandra Alves Lima
Photo via @eualessandraalves2 Instagram


Not much is know about Alessandra’s early years and family life, as she most likely keeps this information relatively private. But her bodybuilding journey began out of a love of lifting. She was enthralled by the gym and always sought to try new machines and exercises to build her physique.

Slowly but surely, she developed an amazing physique and that only fueled her to keep going. As each muscle group began to take shape, that tone and sculpt progressed further and inspired more progress. Through motivation and overcoming any challenges, she has grown comfortable with who she is and more confident in herself and her abilities.

Alessandra Alves Lima
Photo via @eualessandraalves2 Instagram


Alessandra works to keep herself seeing muscle growth but also staying lean. If she is working on building strength, then heavy exercises are required. However, if she is in a sculpting phase, she may look towards certain isolation exercises to see this get done. For that added growth, she will engage with drop sets and supersets to maximize her muscle growth and push those muscle further to fatigue.

While her sets and reps are not known for this quad building workout, here are the exercises included for this great session:

  • One Leg Banded Glute Kickbacks
  • Back Squat
  • Hamstrings Deadlift
  • Hamstring Curls
  • Leg Press
  • One Leg Quad Extensions
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Stair Climber
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