Best 3 Exercises To Use Weightlifting Shoes For Support & Stability


Use weightlifting shoes to boost these exercises.

Many of us lifters use weightlifting shoes as important fitness accessories to aid in overall support and big lifts. What you might find are improved gains when you decide to use weightlifting shoes in your routine.

There are some exercises that do require weightlifting shoes for you need the right support and stability when increasing power and explosivity. Knowing which ones can make all the difference in the world as you look to improve your gains.

Let’s take a look at some great exercises and see what weightlifting shoes can do for you. By working to build better support and aid in those strength building goals, a great pair of weightlifting shoes can be a game changer for you and your workouts.

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Benefits Of Weightlifting Shoes

For those wondering what weightlifting shoes can actually do for you, look no further than below. Fitness equipment like weightlifting shoes are designed to improve all areas of your training and performance so you see the best results. By putting an emphasis on the right equipment, you can better tackle any of those goals.

Benefits of weightlifting shoes include:

  • Better support: Support the foot and ankle during big lifts by providing better grip on the floor.
  • Increase ankle support: A snug fit around the ankle will improve mobility and not put you in a vulnerable position.
  • Raise your heel: A raised heel will work to improve flexibility and mobility while also ensuring comfort for those lifts.
  • Ensure safety: You will find that with the support and overall fit, you will feel more safe when lifting big weight.

Best Exercises To Use Weightlifting Shoes

These exercises below are great strength builders and can aid in training and performance. Using weightlifting shoes during these exercises is what you need to see the best results.


The squat is a staple exercise for many athletes for it will enhance lower body growth for the best gains. This is certainly one of those exercises to promote muscle while also working to improve power and explosivity. Plus, you build stability and balance for other big lifts and movements.

Weightlifting shoes will give you a sturdy and stable feel on the ground, especially when you are under so much weight.

Squats Benefits
  1. Increase lower body strength: Work your quads, glutes, and hamstrings for better strength, stability, and certain sport specific and functional movements.
  2. Better power: The nature of this movement requires the best for power and explosivity and will promote both as you look to optimize performance.
How To Do Squats

Place the barbell on your traps and shoulders with your feet shoulder width apart. With a tight core, bend your knees while keeping your spine neutral, squatting down to your optimal range of motion. Once at the bottom, drive through your feet to return back to your starting standing position.

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Push Press

The push press is a great muscle builder that requires proper form and real stability in order to lift the weight overhead. You will find great benefits to power and speed, as well as muscle growth with this movement. The nice part about this exercise is that it works not only your upper body, but lower body as well.

Using weightlifting shoes will give you the support you need to really drive through your legs as you get that weight overhead to complete the movement.

Push Press Benefits
  1. Lower body development: Increase lower body strength and development by generating the right amount of power to lift the weight.
  2. Overhead strength and stability: Enhance overhead strength and stability to support an increased load when lifting overhead.
How To Do The Push Press

Set the barbell on the front of your shoulders with a relaxed grip and engaged core. Your feet will be about hip-width apart. When lowering, squat about a quarter of the way down and then drive through your feet, pushing that weight overhead. Lock out your arms as your heels hit the ground. Lower the bar to the starting position and repeat for your desired number of sets and reps.

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Another great exercise to work your upper and lower body, what you will find with the snatch is more power and explosivity while also building muscle. Great for powerlifters, strongmen, and Olympia lifters, this lift requires good technique, but is a game changer once that is nailed down.

Given the explosive movement of this exercise, it is important to note that weightlifting shoes will give you grip to the floor and support of your ankle and foot so you can fully commit to this exercise without fear of injury.

Snatch Benefits
  1. Improved power: Work to build better power output with this explosive movement as you produce more force as well.
  2. Better core support: With this movement, it is important to have your core engaged so working to keep that engagement and overall support will aid in your lift and core stability.
How To Do The Snatch

Set your bar up with your feet about shoulder width apart. Your hips will be lowered and your arms fully extended. Drive through your feet as you pull the bar to your hips, keeping your chest up and core tight. As you turn the bar over, explode up until your arms are extended overhead. To catch the bar, bend your knees, tighten your core, and keep those elbows locked for a stable landing. To complete, stand with your arms still overhead.

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Top Weightlifting Shoes For Training & Performance

We wanted to share a great weightlifting shoe option so you can feel comfortable with your purchase. Finding the right equipment can be challenging but it isn’t impossible. With an emphasis on the best products out there, you can find a quality shoe without totally breaking the bank.

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