Best Ways To Tackle That Holiday Binge Aftermath


We love a holiday meal, until it’s all said and done.

The holidays. A fun time with family and friends, plenty of food and booze, and yes, the occasional indulgence after a year of strict dieting and training. But you deserve it. You work hard and we get that. Let us help you overcome the holiday binge aftermath you endured from the holidays.

Between the appetizers, main course, desserts, and those sweet treats throughout the day, your holiday binge is totally understood. And you aren’t alone. It’s hard to avoid all the good stuff on the holidays especially late at night. Those fun adult beverages and late night snacks creep in and next thing you know you are on the couch, potentially unsure of how you got there.

So, you think your gains are a wash. Wrong. The occasional binge won’t totally kill those gains, but you may have a minor set back. Totally fine, we’ll help you bounce back and get back on track.

Let’s jump into the best ways to overcome that holiday binge in efforts to set you back on track for the new year and continued success in whatever sport you may be involved with. For those of you fitness nuts that just love working out, this works just fine for you too.

holiday binge

Best Ways To Tackle That Holiday Binge

From what to eat, what to drink, and what supplements to potentially take, loading up on fiber and protein is a sure fire way to make sure those gains of yours stay totally intact as you get back on track. Let’s jump right into the best ways to tackle that holiday binge.

Foods To Help After A Binge

Set aside those sweet treats and focus on the right foods to aid in gut health, better digestion, and just get the body back on track to eating those healthy foods. Consider the following foods to help:

Yogurt: Full of good bacteria, this will help kick out the bad bacteria and give your gut the boost it needs to get back on track (1).

Beans: Whatever your bean of choice, these can help with digestion and get you moving more regularly again (2).

Bananas: Great for counter acting the effects of sodium, this can work to reduce water retention and help with gut health.

Beets: Beets have great antioxidants to help with a range of bodily functions and work well in certain juices (3).

Greens: Get those leafy greens you to load up on fiber and put some color back in your diet.

Turmeric & Ginger: Great for inflammation and immunity and will get your body back on track for health and training purposes (4,5).

Oatmeal: Packed with fiber and will help keep you full while also serving as a nice dish to play with. Adding some berries or protein powder can be an enjoyable meal after a binge.

Also be sure to load up on protein to keep you full and get you back to where you were before. Either lean meats, fish, or those valuable protein supplements can be a great way to pump protein into your body to get back on the gains train.


Staying hydrated is key and often times overlooked. Especially after those long nights of drinking, give your body the water it needs to thrive. For those looking to change it up from just plain water, consider adding an electrolyte powder or beverage to your routine so you can get good nutrients into you as well. Nothing beats staying as hydrated as possible and getting all those toxins out of you immediately (6).


Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Chances are you didn’t sleep much. You want to catch up with friends and family. You finally can sleep in without any obligations. Now it’s time to get back on the saddle and sleep. Making sure you take care of yourself is super important and rest is the best time to do so. If you’ve been working out as well, this is a great time to give your body that extra bit of rest to capitalize on all things gains (7).

Keep Up On Those Vitamins

Be sure to keep up on those valuable vitamins and minerals you are taking to stay as healthy as possible. Knowing what to take and when to take it can be crucial for giving your body the proper nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Don’t start slacking now and if anything, keep up what you are and have been doing with these vitamins and minerals.

Restructure Or Prepare A New Years Training Plan

Now its time to get back to work and look at your training plan. If you need to restructure for the new year, take a look and add in some exercises you haven’t done before to confuse your muscles so they grow. If you have yet to make one, or have never, sit down and prepare a plan. Looking at those bodybuilders and other athletes we admire can be a great way to pull inspiration for your workouts.

Top Supplements To Help With These Tips

As we said before, pumping yourself with protein is key and supplements are a great way to make that happen. Look into a protein powder and casein protein for these are effective supplements to take to give you the best in terms of protein. Protein powder will give you that quick fix post-workout or as a snack and casein is that slow digesting protein to work for that overnight repair.

For those looking to optimize health and wellness, definitely look for a multivitamin, if you don’t have one yet, as well as omega-3 and super greens supplements to give you the most in terms of health and training.

Wrap Up

There you have it. That holiday binge has happened and now its time to get back on track and fix it. With the right approach and knowing how to handle it, you can better get back to work and set yourself up for real success.


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