Blast Your Back In 10 Minutes


Technique Tips

T-Bar Row

The T-bar row is a great back blaster and simple to execute. The wide grip targets the lats, while the bent-over position works your lower back and core. This move is easier to do if you have a T-bar station, but if not, a bar and landmine setup with a handle works just as well.

t-bar row

Don’t be afraid to go heavy, but keep in mind you do have three other exercises to do with no rest between. Some people use straps on this exercise, but I would recommend leaving them in the gym bag and instead choosing a weight that is challenging but doable without straps.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

Dumbbells are great for quick workouts like this because you can set them anywhere to keep your exercises close to one another. Grab the pair you’ll need for the row and keep them right next to the T-bar station.

As soon as you finish with the first movement, grab the weights and get to work. Using dumbbells instead of a barbell allows you to get a greater range of motion and target the mid-back muscles closer to the spine. Maintain a tight core and a strong neutral spine to protect your lower back. Rest your upper chest on an incline bench if your core needs a break.

Wide-Grip Pull-Down

For this exercise, you’ll have to move to a lat pull-down machine. Fortunately, the last two exercises are in the same spot so you won’t have to move again.

Even though the time is ticking on this quick workout, avoid using momentum on your pull-down. Make your lats do the work. It’s best to lower the weight when necessary to feel the muscles in the back working. Squeeze your elbows in at the bottom of the exercise to get a good contraction before letting the handle back up. As soon as you finish the last rep, switch the grip for your final exercise.

Lat pulldown

Reverse-Grip Pull-Down

Even though it’s the same station, reversing your grip for this final exercise targets the back from a different angle. Not only can you effectively hit the lower lats with a reverse grip, but this position also allows the biceps to assist the lats in finishing up on this final exercise.

Remember to keep your chest up and not to jerk the handle, even though your muscles will be tired after all those reps. The key to a good pull-down is to maintain as much of a vertical base as possible. Once you finish your reps, take a quick break and start the circuit over again, trying to get in at least one more full round. For an extra intensity boost, try setting a timer to see how quickly you can do three rounds. Then, try to beat that time the next time you do this workout.

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