Bodybuilder Andrew Jacked Hits Shoulder Workout With Flex Lewis and Milo Sarcev, Gets Posing Tips


Looking to make gains in preparation for the 2022 Arnold Amateur show, Andrew Jacked got busy in the gym with legend Flex Lewis and his trainer, Milo Sarcev. In a video shared to Jacked’s YouTube channel, the amateur gets some shoulder and posing tips from Lewis and Sarcev.

While working in the company of Lewis and Sarcev, Andrew Jacked has gathered some insightful tips while training at the Dragon’s Lair. Currently competing in the IFBB Elite Pro league, Jacked’s build looks outstanding. Given that he is still in the midst of constructing his bodybuilding foundation, his massive physique suggests a promising future in the sport.

Jacked intends to make a statement this year. Some believe the best bodybuilders in the world compete in the IFBB Pro League, which is a separate organization from the IFBB Elite Pro League. With intentions of one day making it to the Mr. Olympia stage, fans are eager to see the impact he makes as a thriving bodybuilder.

Andrew Jacked Trains With Flex Lewis and Milo Sarcev In Preparation For Arnold Amateur Show

Taking to the Las Vegas-based gym, Andrew Jacked began lifting with the guidance of Flex Lewis and his trainer, Sarcev. In a YouTube video shared by Jacked, the pair of bodybuilders pump iron and practice posing at the Dragon’s Lair.

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“What’s up guys, welcome back to another edition of the lair today. I’ve got the man, all the way from Dubai, staying, training, living in Las Vegas, training for his upcoming amateur, amateur show. Yeah, I know, classic amateur which is about five and half weeks out right. Lewis said. Yeah, he’s very humble.

As you can see he’s not like other athletes laughing and joking, he’s putting in the work. You know we have all these athletes coming in from all over the world, putting in our work. We have all seen it, we have all seen him do some crazy stuff in Dubai, and now he’s brought that intensity to the grind. As I’ve said many times before, it’s all about bringing the best out of one another.” Flex Lewis said.

Andrew Jacked admits the workout with Lewis and Sarcev was demanding. However, the young athlete is confident that mindset is key when preparing for a notable bodybuilding show. After working on a variety of different exercises, Jacked and Lewis begin practicing their posing techniques. Despite enduring struggles in Dec., it appears Jacked is eager to make the gains necessary to win gold at his upcoming event.

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Lewis’ trainer, Sarcev maintains that Andrew Jacked has all of the attributes of an elite bodybuilder. The Golden Era bodybuilder was quite impressed with the physique of Jacked considering he stands at six-foot-one-inches. Following his admission of losing 17-pounds in Dec., Jacked has steadily put on mass and it shows in his latest video.

Back in April of 2021, Jacked earned his pro card at the first-ever Emirates Bodybuilding Federation (EBBF) Ajman Bodybuilding and Physique Competition in the IFBB Elite Pro federation. In the same month, the mass monster went on to win another bodybuilding show.

After packing on muscle over the last few months, Andrew Jacked is looking to make a big splash at the Arnold Amateur show scheduled for March 3-5. Surely with the assistance of Lewis and Sarcev, Jacked is in a prime position to earn his pro card this year.

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