Bodybuilder Terrence Ruffin Shares Push Workout In Prep For 2022 Arnold Classic


Bodybuilder Terrence Ruffin Shares Push Workout In Prep For 2022 Arnold Classic

The 2022 Arnold Classic is a little over a month away. The prestigious professional bodybuilding competition will take place from March 3rd to 6th in Columbus, Ohio. The 2021 Classic Physique winner and defending champion Terrence Ruffin is busy sculpting his body for the task at hand and he recently shared a push day workout video with his hypertrophy coach Joe Bennett on his YouTube channel.

Ruffin is one of the best competitors in the Classic Physique division and wrapped up the year 2021 with the win at the 2021 Arnold Classic and a second-place finish at the 2021 Olympia. He is one of the favorites heading into the 2022 Arnold Classic. Ruffin went through the heavy push day workout at Joe Bennett’s well-equipped home gym.

Terrence Ruffin’s push day workout

Terrence Ruffin started the workout with a banded inclined bench press wearing wrist wraps and used incrementally heavier loads for each set. After working the upper pecs with this, Ruffin performed seated cable flys for ‘chest pumpiness’. Ruffin followed up the workout with presses on a high-incline press machine to work the shoulders. To perform the workout without the machine, Terrence Ruffin advised:

“If you don’t have that machine, use dumbbells… neutral or hammer grip, whatever you want to do. It might feel better on your shoulders to do them in a neutral or hammer grip.”

Terrence Ruffin performed laying cuff raises. For maximum benefit, Ruffin advised:

“If you can get that cable when you’re at the bottom to be pretty straight, that’s going to be your best bet because it will be heaviest there. And as you come up, it’ll be a tiny bit lighter at the top because you’re a tiny bit weaker at the top. So it’s a really good profile when you set that up properly.”

Terrence Ruffin wrapped up the workout with triceps extensions via cable crossovers and stated that he is posing three times a day off late to get used to holding poses on stage.

Workout summary

  • Banded inclined bench press
  • Seated cable fly
  • High-incline press on the machine
  • Laying Cuff raises
  • Triceps extensions via cable crossover

The 2022 Arnold Classic is the first major bodybuilding competition of the year. Scoring a win there would be a great prospect for every competitor including Terrence Ruffin. However, he has stiff competition from two-time Olympia Classic Physique winner Breon Ansley. In addition to that, Rising prospect Ramon Rocha Queiroz aka Ramon Dino is another tough competitor heading into the competition.

Watch the full push workout video here:

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