Bodybuilder Who Went Viral For Tearing His Pec Off The Bone Provides Positive Update – SPORTbible


Bodybuilder Who Went Viral For Tearing His Pec Off The Bone Provides Positive Update - SPORTbible

It’s the video that has been seen by millions around the world.

But the man at the centre of it all has now provided a healthy update as he begins his long, long road to recovery.

Bodybuilder Who Went Viral For Tearing His Pec Off The Bone Provides Positive Update - SPORTbible

Credit: Instagram/@ryancrowley97

Late last month, a clip of 23-year-old bodybuilder Ryan Crowley absolutely exploded online.

Judging by his social media following, Crowley is probably pretty used to pulling in massive video views through his workout videos.

But this one in particular amassed global overnight attention for an entirely different reason altogether.

In a video posted on his own Instagram, Crowley can be seen bench pressing a rather large amount of weight during a gym session in Dubai.

But as he lowers the bar, the poor bloke’s chest completely pops out at an unusual angle.

Crowley screams out in pain as his spotter – popular social media figure Larry Wheels – does his best to assist his injured gym buddy.

Unsurprisingly, footage of the graphic incident went viral online with countless people sharing it and tagging their friends.

But for Crowley himself, it looked as if his bodybuilding career had been cut agonisingly short after hospital scans confirmed he had torn his pec muscle completely off the bone meaning he required reconstructive surgery.

Thankfully, though, it seems like he’s in good spirits just a matter of weeks after the incident.

After going under the knife, it wasn’t long before Crowley jumped straight back on social media to keep his followers updated on his rehabilitation progress.

And incredibly, he’s somehow back in the gym already.

Granted, he’s keeping that right arm well away from any action, but he’s still working out the entire left side of his body.

In one of his first posts, the caption reads: “My first time stepping back into the gym since the accident, I was extremely nervous if I’m honest, but sitting at home and being depressed and doing nothing isn’t going to get me where my dreams want to take me, so I bite my tongue and focus. I’ve been highly recommended by my top specialists that as soon as I can get the blood flowing and pumping around my body and start training lightly it will dramatically help improve my recovery. So here I am! Getting a little left arm pump.”

But in one of his more recent posts, he seemed a little more disheartened.

“Doing my best to put a brave motivated face on and get myself to the gym and do the best I can with what I have,” Crowley said in the caption.

“Yes I know I’m definitely losing muscle and weight pretty fast, especially on my injured side which is extremely devastating for me and I’m struggling to cope with it.”

Either way, the fact he’s even in the gym at all should be commended – what an inspiration.

Well played, Ryan.

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