Bodybuilding Guru Charles Glass Explains How to Bring Abs to The Surface


Bodybuilding Guru Charles Glass Explains How to Bring Abs to The Surface

Charles Glass is notorious for extensive and detailed exercises that highlight muscle contractions. The Godfather of Bodybuilding recently shared an effective workout routine on YouTube which details how to bring abs to the surface. 

As a former engineer, Glass knows a thing or two about proper technique and attention to detail. The bodybuilding wizard emphasizes the actual motions involved in workouts over the amount of weight lifted. Glass is a proponent of muscle isolation training. By contracting the muscles and focusing on form, the bodybuilding coach is adamant that these measures are what help build muscle in the areas that need improvement the most.

Glass routinely shares workout videos and always brings a refreshing take to his fitness routines. Whether it be a bigger biceps or a slimmer waist, if there is someone in the industry with the answer, it’s Charles Glass. Earlier this month, Glass broadcasted a training session geared towards achieving a bigger and more muscular back. The bodybuilding coach stresses that people tend to focus on the amount of weight and reps but instead need to concern themselves with not going too fast and hitting contractions.

Charles Glass Explains How to Get a Nice Taper

Glass shared a fascinating workout routine on his YouTube channel and explained how to bring the ab muscles to the surface with exercises that most people can do at the gym.

“The movement goes here, here, here see I’m pushing into the abs. Everybody’s gotta stay small. Now I do a similar way, but I’m facing (the machine) and I put my hand here and the movement goes here. See I’m pushing into the abs, and she’s doing the opposite direction and since she’s using the weights, she’s got more force because she’s going full in the back. Mine is going down and up but her’s is better if you’re gonna work on this (abs) but you can also do it. You can sit here, that one, that works the lower ab real quick.” Charles Glass said.


Following Glass’ first demonstration, the fitness coach stressed that when it comes to his abs, he prefers to do crunches that target the middle of the abdomen. Since there is no weight added, Glass explains that he’s also working his obliques because his torso remains stationary.

“Now one other way I like to do is my favorite all time, don’t take anything. It’s just to sit, crunch, crunch, crunch like this, you can feel the pressure as you crunch down you lift up. So everything’s meeting in the middle so you’re crunching the abs and you lift the hip, lifting the hips.

You can do it anyway you want. I mean I do mine (keep legs separated) because it’s easier for me. I like do it’s just a regular twist with a wide stance that stabilizes my hips so they don’t move. The only thing that moves is my torso, and it goes quick quick quick like that. Then I go here, then go back up, still the same but I’m working all through here (abs) and getting a nice taper. And I’m not building my obliques because I have no weights in it. Or I’m moving or I’ll do crunch, and crunch in crunch in.”

If an athlete needs improvement, Glass has exercises that target specific muscle groups. By hitting crunches in rapid succession with no weights, the Godfather of Bodybuilding explains that these techniques help in getting a nice taper.

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Given his wealth of experience in fitness and bodybuilding, athletes readily seek out Glass’ knowledge when it’s comes to getting a good pump in. Focused on technique and results, Charles Glass’ strategical workout routine is a fantastic method used to bring abs to the surface.

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