Chris Bumstead Attacks Leg Day With 585-Pound Squats For Six Reps


Chris Bumstead continues to show his strength and did so with massive squats during leg day.

The three-time Classic Physique Olympia champion, Chris Bumstead is already at the top of Classic Physique bodybuilding and it is clear that he is not going anywhere. The reigning three-time Olympia champion has been hitting the gym had since his return and it showed in a recent social media post on leg day. Bumstead shared videos including massive 585-pound squats for six reps.

Bumstead has competed just once a year since climbing to the top of the sport. He has mastered the offseason and right now, Bumstead is in the bulking phase to add that muscle mass necessary. He is back to full training and is in full swing of his diet plan. Bumstead was forced to take some time off early in the year after contracting COVID-19. Just a couple months later, there is clearly no effects.


Chris Bumstead shared two videos in the post. The first was of squats, which he hit on the Smith machine without shoes on. Bumstead controlled the weight and lowered himself to the ground slowly before exploding up. The next workout was Bulgarian split squats, which Bumstead performed with two dumbbells. He completed 11 reps before reaching failure on the 12th.

These workouts along with his diet plan, which consists of 5,000 calories during bulking, are the reason that Bumstead is difficult to take down on stage. He is often seen training with Iain Valliere, who competes in Men’s Open bodybuilding. This is something that Bumstead hinted at in a recent interview.

Chris Bumstead discussed the possibility of competing in Open bodybuilding before he retires. It is unlikely that he makes a permanent switch but he might appear in a show or two before calling it a career.

Wherever Bumstead is, it is likely that he is going to find success. He has built great motivation and has a massive following because of his physique. Bumstead continues to showcase his elite strength and workout plans fo others to follow. It will be interesting to see how his preparation continues over the course of the offseason.

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