Chris Bumstead Crushes FST-7 Arm Workout With Coach Hany Rambod


Chris Bumstead has taken on some new training programs under the direction of Hany Rambod.

Chris Bumstead is beginning to put the finishing touches on a physique that is attempting to win its fourth consecutive Classic Physique Olympia title. Recently, Bumstead shared a massive, FST-7 arm workout.

Bumstead shared the workout to his YouTube page. He was joined by bodybuilder Vaughn Walker at Revive gym in Stuart, FL. Bumstead continues to plug away as the calendar creeps closer to Dec. 16-18, when the Olympia is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas.

The Classic Physique division has gained talent over the years. Terrence Ruffin has been challenging Bumstead on stage while Ramon Rocha Queiroz and Urs Kalecinski are up-and-coming talents to watch.

To keep his physique in top shape, Chris Bumstead has been working with Hany Rambod and recently crushed an arm workout.

Chris Bumstead Arm Workout

  • Triceps Rope Pushdowns
  • Overhead Machine Triceps Extensions
  • Bodyweight Dips
  • Machine Preacher Curls
  • Prone Incline Spider Curls
  • Alternating Dumbbell Curls
  • Cable Tricep Push Outs
  • FST-7: Standing Dual Cable Curls

Triceps Rope Pushdowns

The workout began with Chris Bumstead hitting cable pushdowns using the rope. This exercise is used as a warmup to get the blood pumping to the triceps. There is not a set numbers of reps done during this exercise.


Overhead Machine Triceps Extensions/Machine Preacher Curls

Overhead tricep extensions was next on the list, along with machine preacher curls. Bumstead prefers the tricep extensions when training this part of the arm.

This workout keeps tension on the tricep and gives a deep stretch when bringing the weight back down. Bodyweight dips are abs performed following each set to build some extra mass in the triceps.

Next, Bumstead hit biceps with plate-loaded preacher curls. Bumstead focuses on squeezing at the top and holding for a second. He performed his sets with five 25-pound weight plates.

Prone Incline Spider Curls

Incline spider curls is a movement that helps build the muscle by adding to its peak. During this exercise, Bumstead focused on slow negative movements to keep control of the weight. He continues to squeeze at the top before lowering the weight in a controlled way.


Alternating Dumbbell Curls/Cable Tricep Push Outs

Alternating dumbbell curls were up next and each bodybuilder completed sets to failure. Bumstead and Vaughn performed concentric holds with the arm that they were not working at the time.

After this exercise, Chris Bumstead decided to get some more work in on cables training triceps. This exercise is set up similarly to reverse cable flies but it is used to train triceps.

Chris Bumstead has put in plenty of work, both in the gym and in his diet plan, to become the best in the Classic Physique division. He has built an incredible brand for himself and is arguably the most popular bodybuilder in the sport currently. Fans will be excited to watch as Bumstead competes for his fourth consecutive title.


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