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As the reigning and defending Classic Physique Olympia champ, Chris Bumstead has no need to compete until the 2021 Olympia. However a recent physique update has him looking stage ready, even in the offseason.

One of the biggest reasons for the success that Bumstead has experienced comes down to his intense work ethic. He is constantly determined to improve himself and perfect his physique, settling for nothing less.

The results of that were evident in his second Classic Physique Olympia win in 2020. After a closely contested victory to win the title initially, he was able to keep improving and land a perfect score on the judges’s cards and defend his throne.

Currently Chris Bumstead is in between shows, and after taking a brief vacation has returned to the training room. However if you made a judgement based off of the recent physique update he shared, you could be forgiven for thinking he was preparing for a show in the near future.

Posting to Instagram, the two-time champ shared a posing video, giving a glimpse of his physique during the offseason. Between the vacuum pose he pulls off, and the separation in his quads and pecs, he looks like he could be ready to step on stage and win a show with minimal prep.

“Don’t train for the show, train to put on the show @mrolympiallc” Bumstead wrote.

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This is an extremely balanced package from the champ, as Chris looks to be in great shape. He has been clearly working to improve his weak areas and bring up his physique in the attempt to continue holding onto the throne.

The 2021 Mr. Olympia is set for October 7th-10th, which falls just after the Arnold Classic. So while he still has several months before this event, it seems that Bumstead is starting to dial things in and prepare to really start prepping.

It would appear that as much as Chris is looking conditioned, his strength and size is coming up too. This is a direct result of the steady progress he has made, not just over the last several months, but in the last few years as well.

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Chris Bumstead has made it clear that his intention is to rack up as many Classic Physique Olympia title defenses as he can, and retire on top. Time will tell just how far he will be able to take things, but if these recent updates are any indication, he is on the right path.

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