Chris Hemsworth Reveals Intense Full-Body Workout To Build Explosive Strength


Chris Hemsworth is back at it again with some intense workouts to try

Chris Hemsworth has been on a fitness journey recently that includes putting together different workouts and improving strength in many ways. This includes a new full-body workout that he recently shared, along with trainer Luke Zocchi. 

Hemsworth took to Instagram to share the workout with his 53.6 million followers. The Australian actor has been known for his shredded physique on the big screen and he is continuing to take it to the next level. This particular workout featured a medicine ball as the only piece of equipment. There was a total of seven movements used followed by two minutes of rest. This circuit was repeated four times.

Chris Hemsworth began the workout with wall slams to the right and left. All movements were completed with five reps. Hemsworth completed with slams on the ground and front squats. These are all workouts to improve and build explosive power and strength.

Hemsworth then focused on some core work. He completed five pushups alternating each hand on the medicine ball. The circuit ended with sit ups and Russian twists. The rest period lasted two minutes followed by three more rounds. There are different ways to modify this circuit. This includes using a lighter medicine ball or adding recovery time if needed.

For Chris Hemsworth, this is the type of workout that has helped him transform his physique over time. He is knowns for his roles in Thor and Extraction where he has had to be in top physical shape. This has led to Hemsworth creating a fitness app called CentrFit. This has held him create different workouts to help others accomplish their goals. CentrFit took off during the COVID-19 pandemic when gyms were closed.

In recent months, Hemsworth has been active on social media sharing different workouts and movements to build strength. This is how he has transformed his body over time and that is going to continue over the course of his career. One thing we have seen is that Hemsworth’s workouts are no joke and can be used by anyone to break a sweat.

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