Complete Guide To Your Summer Shred Meal Plan


Looking to shred for that summer body can be hard, but this summer shred meal plan can work wonders for that physique others will envy.

We all want that summer body to show off at the beach or at those backyard barbeques. Taking our shirts off and seeing those six pack abs will make others envious of the hard work you’ve put in to carefully crafting and sculpting your shredded aesthetic. Having a solid summer shred meal plan is exactly what you want most for it will lay the blueprint for exactly what needs to happen for you to see those desired gains. With strict attention to detail and a mental will to get it done, these gains are right around the corner for you to see.

Many of these gains occur in the kitchen and while it can be easy to want to snack and indulge in those sweet treats, that is one quick way to kill all your gains. During these summer months, those drinks may be flowing as well, but really working to limit those unwanted calories will help ensure you don’t drink away those gains either. Sticking to a plan for a limited time will only give you confidence and something to be proud of long term.

Let’s take a look at some tips for the summer shred meal plan so you see the gains you want most when it comes to changing your body composition. That shredded aesthetic is something to certainly envy and will only get better the more confidence you have.

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Summer Shred Meal Plan Tips

1. Eat small meals throughout the day

Eating smaller meals throughout the day will keep your metabolism moving so you constantly burn fuel. This will ensure nothing is left over to be stored as fat and will also help curb your appetite since you will always be supplying your body with nutrients to thrive.

2. Carefully watch macros

Watching your ratio of macros is important for you really want to focus on higher protein content and lower carbs and fat. Higher protein will assist with muscle growth and recovery so you see real gains and will also keep you full for longer. It is important to get enough carbs and fat, but knowing the amount to eat is important for your personal journey.

3. Be cautious of what time you eat

Be weary about when you eat and what you eat at that time. This is more important at night, for you don’t want to eat too late and give that food a chance to be stored as fat.

4. Clean food only

This may go without saying but eating clean food, like greens and lean meat, will provide great energy and muscle growth while giving you clean and effective sources of nutrients to really thrive, both inside and out of the gym.

5. Don’t drink all your calories

The occasional beverage is of course fine but don’t fall into the trap of drinking back all the calories you’ve lost. Alcohol tends to be high in carbs and sugar, the two things you want to avoid. Plus, if you indulge a little too much, it can invite those carby and sugary foods you really want to avoid.

6. Get adequate amounts of food and nutrients

Make sure to eat enough. A diet should not be about starving yourself and in order to function in the gym and in life, you really need to focus on getting enough food and at the right times.

7. Drink plenty of water

Hydration is vital, especially in these summer months. Getting enough water throughout will help you function properly and can keep you full. When you feel the urge to snack, drinking a glass of water can potentially help curb that hunger until your next meal.

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Mix In Strength Training & Cardio

While the summer shred mainly occurs in the kitchen, for eating a balanced and proper diet is absolutely key to seeing those gains, a good training routine can work wonders for you. Training at least three times a week and focusing on compound exercises ensures you get the most out of your output and that your muscles get some serious work done.

Working both upper and lower body muscles will enhance muscle growth and will help change your body composition so you see the desired physique others will certainly envy. With some cardio mixed in, keeping it light will advance your health and allow you to drop some extra fat that may be stored, but on the whole, a good strength training routine will be exactly what you need to thrive inside and out of the gym.

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Supplements For Added Support

Along with a good diet and proper training comes supplementation. What supplements can do are enhance your health and performance by giving you that extra boost with great ingredients and a powerful formula. Something like a pre-workout can give you energy and provide for muscle pumps while a protein powder can enhance growth and recovery for those post-workout needs.

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