Complete List Of Arnold Classic South America Winners


All the winners of Arnold Classic South America to have walked the stage and won.

We all know the name; Arnold Schwarzenegger. A legend in the bodybuilding community, his Arnold Classic event took the world by storm and athletes far and wide would come to compete and walk one of the biggest stages in bodybuilding and the chance to win this top prize. Now with more and more athletes involved with the sport, and the sport’s popularity on the rise as well, the Arnold Classic has since expanded around the world in places like Australia and the United Kingdom.

With this event held in South America, the Arnold Classic opens up a new market, albeit not as popular as some of the others, but still a great event full of real competition and great physiques. It might not compare to the show in Columbus, Ohio, but it certainly is an event that holds some clout in the bodybuilding world.

This contest is set to take place on April 29-30 in São Paulo, Brazil as competitors continue down the road to the 2022 Mr. Olympia contest. With a line-up of about 6 athletes, who knows what will happen down in Brazil when these mass monsters take the stage to compete.

Arnold Classic South America Winners

  • Brandon Curry- 2013
  • Steve Kuclo- 2014
  • Mamdouh “Big Ramy’ Elssbiay- 2015
  • Kai Greene- 2016
  • Lukas Osladil- 2017
  • Fabricio Moreira- 2018
  • Juan Morel- 2019

Wrap Up

With this contest set to take place on April 29-30 in São Paulo, Brazil, fans around the world are eager to watch what will happen when these giants stalk the stage in efforts to take home the top prize. The past winners include some big names in bodybuilding and future competitors hope to put themselves right up there with them as winners of the Arnold Classic South America.

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