Craig Golias Q&A: How Much Protein Does Craig Golias Eat?


We all know protein is important for building muscle, but how much protein should we eat, and which protein sources are the best?

Sitting down with us today is Enhanced Athlete Craig Golias. Craig has earned the reputation as one of the biggest bodybuilders on the planet, and for good reason. Craig maintains a bodyweight of 350-360 pounds year-round, with minimal body fat. Craig Golias is a behemoth of a bodybuilder and he’s joins us today for a question & answer session on protein to find out how much he eats to build and maintain significant muscle mass.

About Craig Golias

Craig Golias is one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world and his massive physique has garnered him attention in both the online fitness community and social media, as well as those involved with bodybuilding. Craig Golias “Goliath” is known for weighing an incredible 350 lbs at 6’3” tall. His physique has gained him a lot of prominence in the online fitness community and he starred as himself in the documentary “Bigorexia“ which explores the physical and psychological depths of Muscle Dysmorphia in the bodybuilding industry.

As a thin teenager, Craig sought to become like those mass monsters he saw in bodybuilding magazines and began lifting huge weight and growing his chest. Craig began his bodybuilding journey around the age of 20 to gain size and developed impressive muscle mass similar to those bodybuilders he saw in magazines.

Craig sought to train day in and day out and developed a strict discipline to gain a lot of size over the years. His transformation took him from 150lbs to 350lbs.

ABOVE: Craig Golias answers whether or not he fears damaging health effects from his massive size.

Since then, Craig has become a fitness sensation and competitive bodybuilder; placing highly in contests like the 2010 Los Angeles Bodybuilding Championships, and the Mr. And Ms. Muscle Beach Bodybuilding and Figure Contest.

Golias’21 approach to developing muscle mass paid off and he gained serious size over the next few years. Now a fitness sensation and pinnacle of strength and size, Golias has collected a fan base all around who simply love his giant physique. Today, we sit down with the “Talking Huge” Host and we get to ask him about his protein consumption and nutrition.

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Q&A With Craig Golias

We sat down with Enhanced Athlete Craig Golias for an exclusive interview to discuss his protein intake and the importance of protein and meal replacement shakes for your workouts. As someone who values serious strength and size, Golias is definitely someone to gain valuable insight from due to his massive transformation and to learn more about training, nutrition, and supplementation. Let’s jump right in and see what Craig has to say about his protein sources and how much you should eat. For those of you bodybuilders wondering how Craig keeps on his massive size, the answer is all about protein consumption.

Generation Iron:

Hi Craig. Thanks for joining us today! It has been great working together on our new show “Talking Huge” and of course featuring you in “Bigorexia.”

Craig Golias:
Of Course. I’m always happy chat with you guys! I enjoy working on “Talking Huge.”

Generation Iron:

Let’s get right into it. Can you tell us what your current weight is and how much protein you eating to maintain that body weight?

Craig Golias:

Right now I’m hovering between 350-360 pounds. I make sure to eat at least 1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight, which equates to at least 525g of protein each day. I often end up eating more than that, but I make sure to eat 525g of protein each day as a minimum.

Generation Iron:
Wow! That is a great deal of protein! How many meals do you eat per day to achieve that? And what sources of protein do you rely on?

Craig Golias:

I eat 5-6 meals and 2 shakes every day. The shakes make it a lot easier. I use 4 scoops of the Enhanced Isolate Protein in each shake. That’s 100g of protein per shake!

Generation Iron:

That’s a good tip for our readers! What protein sources are you using for your meals? Any why do you use them when compared to others?

Craig Golias: 

My favorite protein sources are chicken breast, ground beef, lean steak, eggs, and cottage cheese. Bodybuilders often forget about cottage cheese but it’s super high in protein. 1 cup has 28g of protein!

Generation Iron:

I noticed no fish. Is there a reason for that?

Craig Golias:

I hate the taste. I often include fish in client programs, but I don’t eat it personally. Because of that I make sure to take a fish oil supplement each day.

Generation Iron:

Do you recommend 1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight for your clients too?

Craig Golias:

Absolutely! It takes a lot of protein to build muscle. I sometimes recommend to go as high as 2g of protein per pound of bodyweight for skinny guys who are really struggling to build muscle.

Generation Iron:

This has been really helpful. Thanks Craig. How about those looking for non-dairy protein sources? There are often athletes who are sensitive to dairy who need that protein boost or want more of a plant-based lifestyle and want to pack on muscle mass with lean protein.

Craig Golias:

I highly recommend Enhanced Labs Protein-Tech. It’s a smart protein that gives you the protein you need without the dairy issues and is whey free.

Generation Iron:

How can people reach you if they’d like to hire you as a coach?

Craig Golias:

Send me a DM on Instagram! @CraigGolias

Generation Iron:

Thanks again, Craig!

Craig Golias

Proper Supplementation

When it comes to achieving that massive physique like Golias himself, looking to a solid supplementation routine is imperative. Looking at your workout, those three important stages, being pre-, mid-, and post-workout, are vital for energy, growth, and recovery. A pre-workout will allow for great energy boosts and muscle pumps while an intra-workout BCAA will help handle all of your fatigue and energy needs mid-workout.

For those post-workout gains, a protein powder is essential, for as we found out from Golias himself, protein is the secret weapon for any bodybuilder seeking huge gains. For that extra boost to strength and size, give a creatine supplement or mass gainer a look for they can really send your gains to new heights.

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