Creatine For Bulking: The Best Supplement For Strength Gains?


Build those strengths goals with creatine as you look to bulk.

Many of us use a host of supplements to increase strength and size and improve our overall bulk, but creatine may not be one of them. We all know about pre-workouts and protein powders, plus many other supplements, that can improve our overall strength goals, but when it comes down to a great product for bulking, creatine is for you. A well-researched and very popular supplement among athletes, it is easy and safe to use and can enhance any routine.

Saying that creatine is the best supplement for strength gains is really up to the individual and overall preference. Plenty of athletes see great gains by using other products and to claim one is the best would be a disservice to those who may have found their secret workout weapon. We are simply here to bring awareness to a popular and very beneficial supplement for those looking to increase their strength and bulking needs.

Let’s take a look at creatine and see what makes this supplement so great. For those in a bulking phase, or for those looking to build as much strength as possible, you will find that creatine can enhance these gains for the better and work to boost your overall strength as you push yourself in the gym and see the best results come performance time.


What To Know About Creatine

Creatine is an amino acid found in your muscles and brain and is used to improve energy and performance, avoid muscle breakdown, retain muscle mass, and increase strength and size.

Your body uses ATP for energy and after a grueling workout, these ATP stores are severely reduced. ADP is a byproduct of using this energy and ADP is essentially useless for the body. What creatine can do is work to replenish these stores by using ADP and converting it to useful ATP so you more than ready for that next workout.

With many forms of creatine, including things like creatine monohydrate, creatine HCL, and creatine anhydrous, among others, this supplement is safe to use and is widely studied. Effective as well, it is worth your time and money when looking to increase strength and aid in that bulk.

How Creatine Increases Strength & Bulking

In terms of strength, creatine works to increase certain levels in your body, like phosphocreatine levels, which can have an effect on ATP production. As mentioned before, ATP is the main energy source for exercise and when depleted, creatine can help restore it. With creatine’s help, you work to improve these levels and give yourself more energy to see that improvement in strength and power.

As it pertains to your muscles, creatine can improve the growth of muscle, as well as muscle function. By increases the amount of water flowing through your muscles, this increases muscle cell size and allows for better training as you seek to lift more weight. In efforts to reduce muscle breakdown as well, what you will find is that you won’t lose strength and size even if you find yourself in a deficit or an unfortunate catabolic state.

It’s evident that creatine works to increase strength and aid in those bulking goals. It takes time to see any gains but with the right supplement, you can see those desired goals become reality in just a matter of time. Saying creatine is the best supplement for strength may be a disservice, for it is a personal preference, but at the end of the day, it is a top choice for boosting strength and increasing your bulk.

Other Benefits Of Creatine

Along with the great benefits of increase strength and muscle growth, what you will find with creatine are other health and performance benefits great for enhancing gains. Creatine may be able to improve your metabolism through glucose tolerance and glycemic control. This will provide you with fuel and help lead you to fat loss since you will have more energy and a better control on how to use it.

Creatine may also increase cognitive function by increasing oxygen utilization in the brain to boost memory and processing speed during intense workouts. Since the brain needs plenty of ATP to function properly, what you will find is using creatine can potentially aid in thinking and focus during all tasks.

We wanted to share a great creatine supplement so you can handle your bulking gains with ease. While increasing strength may seem easy, what you will find is with a strong supplement like creatine, those gains are easier to come by. When paired with a solid training and diet routine, supplements can improve your gains tenfold.

With a market so saturated, finding the right supplement may seem more challenging than you think. But it possible to find a high-quality supplement to improve your gains without totally breaking the bank. It just takes know the right companies and brands to look for.

Transparent Labs StrengthSeries Creatine HMB

Transparent Labs StrengthSeries Creatine HMB

Transparent Labs Creatine HMB is clean and effective for tackling all of your strength building needs. With no artificial additives or preservatives, what you get is pure creatine with added HMB for better strength.

Transparent Labs StrengthSeries Creatine HMB is a synergistic muscle and strength promoting formula. With clinically effective dosages, this product is designed to increase strength, boost endurance, decrease fat mass, and prevent lean muscle loss. With zero artificial sweeteners, dyes, and fillers, a transparent label and formula gives you the ability to trust what is in this creatine supplement. Easy to use with great flavors, you will find this creatine product can work for great results

Check out our list of the Best Creatine Supplements for more great creatine products here!

Wrap Up

Creatine has the ability to improve all areas of your strength and bulking needs and with the right approach to diet and training, this safe and effective supplement can work wonders for you. While it may seem like just another supplement, creatine can work to enhance other aspects of your health and performance as you look to increase strength for training and performance results. While calling this the best supplement for strength may not be the best approach, it is definitely towards the top of those supplements great for strength building and bulking.

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