Daniella Melo Breaks American Bench Press Record In Raw-90kg Division With 304.2-Pound Lift


Daniella Melo continues to make noise in the powerlifting game.

Daniella Melo added to her long history at the USAPL Nationals over the weekend. She appeared in Las Vegas to compete in the 2022 USAPL Mega Nationals, where she was able to win the raw-90kg division. On her way to victory, Melo also set a new American bench press world record with a 138kg (304.2lb) lift.

Melo has won at the USAPL Nationals five times before. Her last one came in 2018 and this was the last time she appeared at the competition. Melo is back on top at the event and is continuing to put up eye-popping numbers within the division. This record was previously held by LeAnn Ramirez. She completed a 137.5kg (303.1lb) lift during the 2021 USAPL TBS Summer Open.

Melo’s lift can be seen below, courtesy of GOOD LIFT!’s YouTube page:

Daniella Melo at Nationals

Daniella Melo entered the competition with high hopes and was able to complete all nine lifts she attempted. She weighed in at 193.7 pounds at the time of the competition allowing her to remain in her division. At the end of the event, she finished 15.5kg (34.2lb) over the second-place lifter.

Melo’s performance began with her squat reaching 457.5 pounds on her final attempt. This is less than her competition PR of 507 pounds, which was set during the 2019 IPF World Classic Championships. This is also where she set her deadlift competition PR of 542.4 pounds. On her third attempt, Melo was able to reach 496 pounds.

Daniella Melo shined on the bench press setting a new world record on her third and final lift. She added 12.1 pounds onto the bar from her second lift and completed it to set a new mark. Obviously, this was also a competition PR for Melo.


Daniella Melo continues to impress in powerlifting and made a statement by winning Nationals for the sixth time. After setting a bench press record, Melo could have other numbers in mind to reach next time she steps on stage.

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