Derek Lunsford Looks Unrecognizable as Soccer Player in His Teens


Derek Lunsford went from slim soccer player to massive bodybuilder.

Images of second place winner at the 2022 Olympia Derek Lunsford has gotten the attention of many bodybuilding fans as of late. Lunsford used to not only compete as a wrestler but also play soccer as well.

While Derek Lunsford may have started as a wrestler and a soccer player during his formative years in high school, he would eventually see himself transition into the world of bodybuilding. While wrestling does have a bit of overlap in regards to strength sports, soccer is completely different beast. We’re wrestling still requires a certain level of strength, as well as lifting weights as a form of strength and conditioning, playing soccer requires a different energy system.

Soccer is all about running, both in short sprint bursts in for long distances. Effectively, it’s a sport that requires a great deal of cardiovascular endurance. It’s a far cry from being a bodybuilder which requires an athlete to build massive amounts of muscle overtime.

Impressive Olympia Showing

It’s clear that Derek Lunsford got the hang of the Bodybuilding part. Having already won the 212 Olympia championship, and earning second place at this past year’s Olympia in the Men’s Open division, it’s clear that Lunsford is a master of muscle. There’s no doubt about it, Lunsford shows the kind of promise that could lead to him becoming a Mr. Olympia one day.

While you may be massive now, in his youth, Derek Lunsford was quite a different human being. For one he had way less muscle to carry on his frame. As such, she was fast and explosive as a soccer player. However, eventually, Lunsford would make the transition to bodybuilding and has been excelling in the sport ever since. But while the past is the past, it is truly remarkable to see how much of a transformation lunch, for it has gone through since his youth.

A Much Different Lunsford

The image below shows a Derrick Lunsford with an athletic frame, but far from Mr. Olympia levels of mass.

What do you think of Derek Lunsford and his total transformation into the bodybuilder he is today?

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