Do’s and Don’ts of Picking Up Girls in The Gym


How to Pick Up Girls in The Gym

Let’s be honest, most gyms have at least one girl who is too hot to be ignored. While the gyms weren’t supposed to be pick-up spots, they have turned into them. Look around your gym and you’ll probably see bros trying to pick-up chicks.

The problem is, most of these bros aren’t too good at impressing women. Picking-up girls in a gym is a lot different. You certainly wouldn’t want to give the wrong first impression to the to-be mother of your children.

What You Should Do

Dress Well

We understand clothes can undergo wear and tear in the gym, but you don’t necessarily have to dress like a homeless person. You look at yourself in the mirrors for most of the time you’re in the gym, so dressing well can add to your motivation.

The next thing which turns off many chicks in the gym is body odor. Wearing a deodorant to the gym should be a must and you shouldn’t step inside a gym without a body spray in your gym bag.

Be Courteous

If you have been working out for some time and know a thing or two about fitness, there are always beginners in gyms who can use your help. Being courteous and graceful can put you in the good books of people in your gym.

You don’t even have to go out of your way to help someone. Spotting someone or helping them with their form can set you up as a go-to guy for everything. Who knows maybe the girl of your dreams asks you for a spot on squats seeing your warmness.

Make the First Move

Most people make the mistake of waiting for the girl to come and talk to them. No matter how big your muscles are or how good looking you are, the majority of the women are not used to approaching the guys.

If there is someone you like at your gym, you should be ready to make the first move while adhering to proper gym etiquettes. Waiting for the perfect moment can be a good idea, but don’t wait so long that her gym membership expires.

partner exercises

What Not To Do

Be a Creep

There is no shortage of creeps at gyms and girls can sense a pervert from a distance. Eyeballing a chick while she performs squats won’t impress her. If you like a girl at your gym, it would be a better option to go and say hello than to awkwardly stare at her.


Striking up a conversation at the gym is an art in itself. You shouldn’t interrupt anyone if they’re in the middle of their sets. It is way better to make acquaintances at the gym at the water coolers or after people are done with their workouts.

Once you pick up a conversation, you don’t necessarily have to tell your life stories to each other in the first interaction. Leave your conversations at interesting points so you have somewhere to pick up from the next time.

Show Off

The noises and grunts bros make are directly proportional to the proximity of the girls to them. While a little grunting is okay, you don’t necessarily have to sound like a woman going into labor while performing a set.

You might be better off working out in a corner than lifting heavy weights or throwing out your bench numbers or broscience facts around girls. How much you deadlift is the last thing a girl cares about.

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