Eddie Hall “Eats Humble Pie”, Congratulates Thor Bjornsson, Wants Rematch


Eddie Hall is eating humble pie

Eddie Hall recently congratulated Thor Bjornsson on the victory in their boxing match. Hall also finally addressed the issue surrounding a number of bets he made ahead of his match with Thor.

It appears that Eddie Hall is owning up to a few things. Bets were made ahead of his bout with rival Thor Bjornsson, a tattoo bet and a monetary one with Larry Wheels. Many people have been addressing these bets on socials and it appears that Hall has finally decided to speak on the subject.

The bout between Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson certainly lived up to the hype. In fact it perhaps exceeded expectations. Hall was able to land some hellacious blows in the early parts of the fight. Thor was able to take over however through use of his superior technical ability. He was even able to drop Hall a number of times securing his victory.

Now that everything is said and done Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson appear to have buried the hatchet. The vitriol and hatred they once had for each other appears to have subsided. There’s nothing like some good ol’ fisticuffs to settle a feud. Since then it appears that Hall and Thor are singing different tunes.

Humble Pie

Eddie Hall was actually quite congratulatory of Thor Bjornsson in a recent video. In a short clip posted to Instagram Hall addressed the fact that it was time to eat humble pie and address some lingering issues.


Eddie Hall had even more to say in the full video. Hall addressed the bets he made with Larry Wheels as well as Thor Bjornsson and explained that it will be some time before payment for the bout is settled. He did seem keen on the idea of owning up to the bets and paying his dues. You can see the full video here.

It’s great to see Hall taking ownership of his past promises and setting his intentions to make good on them. A man who can stick by his word is one everyone can respect.

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