Fitness TikTok Influencer Claims Gym Employees Stole Her Phone Information to Leave a Creepy Voicemail


Fitness TikTok Influencer Claims Gym Employees Stole Her Phone Information to Leave a Creepy Voicemail

A fitness influencer on TikTok recently took to the streaming platform to share some frustrations. TikTok user @kenyastephh revealed that her digital information was stolen at the gym she attended, and the employee who stole it contacted her by leaving a creepy voicemail.

It seems every day there is a new TikTok story grabbing the headlines. With a new age of fitness influencers on social media, the gym has become a hotspot for conflict given how many people record while exercising. However, it doesn’t always pan out like some would imagine. Make no mistake, creepy gym encounters constantly make their way to TikTok, but sometimes, one camera angle doesn’t tell the full story.

Just a few weeks ago, a TikToker accused a man of staring at her while she worked out. She was convinced that he was leering at her and while she couldn’t confirm it, the TikToker had suspicions. It turned out, the man was watching an episode of Mr. Bean and the lady happened to be standing next to the TV. While these TikTok moments can sometimes devolve into comedy, that doesn’t appear to be the case for TikTok user @kenyastephh.

Fitness TikTok Influencer Shares Snippet of Creepy Voicemail

Boasting more than 16,000 followers on TikTok, @kenyastephh condemned the actions of the gym employee who stole her information. According to the influencer, she was only working out for around five minutes and served as a guest at the gym with no membership.

“Guys need to understand that it’s actually scary to do s**t like that.” @kenyastephh said.

After fans urged the TikToker to share the voicemail footage, she obliged but only showed a snippet of the full voicemail. According to the TikToker, the creep who contacted her said they saw her doing glutes spreads.

“Hello, this is EOS Fitness… I saw you doing glute spreads,” a man can be heard saying.

The post itself was captioned: “Friendly reminder to men to please not do things like this. This is very scary, too many weird things happen. I’m sorry for the women and wish this wouldn’t happen.

“I wasn’t in the room for more than five minutes and I got the call. I always wear a jacket around my waist to avoid this stuff. I was just trying to take some pic[tures] before my workout.”

Following the incident, the claimant has since reported what happened to the manager of the gym and asked that her name and corresponding information be taken down from the database. In addition to only being a guest at the gym, @kenyastephh said that she was located in the back of the room during her stay and finds it peculiar that someone would go to such lengths to leave her a creepy voicemail.

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Fortunately, no one was hurt and @kenyastephh took the appropriate actions following the incident. While these creepy happenstances are occurring more and more, at least the fitness influencer is making people aware of some of the problems that come along with attending a gym. 

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