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Over the last few months, legendary bodybuilder Flex Wheeler has been sharing a variety of insane workouts for fans to try. He was back at it again recently, this time showing a back and biceps workout that might just make you quit.

Things finally seem to be heading in a somewhat positive direction for Wheeler, after a tough couple of years. After his partial leg amputation, things got really dark for the retired bodybuilder.

Nowadays he is in a position where, while he still has some serious and lingering medical concerns, he is living life the best that he can. He has found various spots as an ambassador for the sport, truly being recognized for his bravery and strength.

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One of the ways that Flex Wheeler has been staying busy, is with various roles as a coach and trainer for a wide array of bodybuilders. He has even started sharing some workouts to social media that fans can try, if they feel like they can keep up with the intensity of his sets.

He was back at it again recently, with a post to his Instagram. Here the Sultan of Symmetry shared an intense, high volume workout that will put your back and biceps through the wringer, even on your best day.

The workout that Wheeler shared goes as follows:

  • Close Grip Pull Down: 4 sets x 20 reps
  • Machine Rows: 4 sets x 20 reps
  • T-Bar Rows (free): 4 sets x 20 reps
  • Cable Row (no grip): 4 sets x 20 reps
  • Alternating Dumbbell Curl: 4 sets x 20 reps
  • Cable Curl: 4 sets x 20 reps

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This is certainly a daunting workout to try to complete, but Flex Wheeler offers more than just gym work. He also has workout plans for people who have some minimal equipment at home.

He also has a hardcore battle ropes workout that is brutal enough to make a grown man cry. This particular set is designed to support metabolic conditioning, which will help you recover faster.

“Metabolic Conditioning: your ability to recover more efficiently from metabolic output. Your goal, more output in METs and recover quicker!” Wheeler wrote.

“Please be sure to warm up properly, Battle Ropes are tough on shoulder joints. “

Here is the battle rope workout that Flex Wheeler provided:

Warm Up: Movement Prep
30:00 minutes, minimal rest between rounds

  • Both Arm Whips: 15 sec
  • Circle Out: 15 sec
  • Circle In: 15 sec
  • Undulate: 15 sec

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These are some valuable workout plans that Flex Wheeler has provided his followers. It seems that he is constantly coming up with new workouts that people can try, and each one seems more intense than the last.

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