Former UFC Star Phil Baroni Arrested For Alleged Murder Of His Girlfriend


Phil Baroni was arrested and questioned by police over the weekend.

Former UFC star Phil Baroni was arrested over the weekend for allegedly killing his girlfriend in Mexico following an altercation. The news outlet, Tribuna De La Bahia, reports that Baroni’s girlfriend was found unresponsive in bed with no clothes on and bruises on her face and body.

The Mexican news outlet reports that police found Baroni’s girlfriend in bed with a sheet covering her. She was not showing signs of life when they arrived. Baroni reportedly threw her into the shower at their hotel room in San Pancho causing her to hit her head.

There is currently a full investigation into the incident, which began following Baroni’s arrest. He is being held in Valle de Banderas. A State Department spokesperson told The New York Post that Baroni is detained in Mexico and that they are “providing appropriate assistance.”

Phil Baroni, who was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, claims that there was a heated argument that later turned physical. He claims that he was angered after finding out his girlfriend cheated on him and ordered her to take a shower. When she refused, Baroni attempted to force her into the shower but she fell and hit her head.

The authorities examined Baroni’s body and noticed that his hands were both red.

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Following the fall, the 46-year-old fighter helped her out of the tub and removed her clothes to wrap her in a blanket when she complained about being cold. Baroni then left the hotel room to go to the store. Police arrived and found the female unresponsive.

During his career, Phil Baroni spent time fighting for many top promotions. He last appeared in the ring in September 2019, which was a loss via submission.

There will be an autopsy on Baroni’s girlfriend to find the exact cause of death. This is an ongoing investigation and further details will be revealed at a later date.

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