Hassan Mostafa Looks Massive In Physique Update Preparing For 2022 Orlando Pro


Hassan Mostafa has been making improvements to his physique 13 weeks out of the Orlando Pro

Hassan Mostafa looks hungry to take the next step during the 2022 season. In a recent physique update on social media, Mostafa is looking massive as he prepares to take the stage during the Orlando Pro.

The Orlando Pro will take place on July 2. With 13 weeks to prepare, it looks as though Mostafa is focusing on his conditioning in training. This is something that impacted his results in 2021 and it is clear that he is looking to make the necessary changes needed to get back on the podium.


Hassan Mostafa finished fourth during the 2020 New York Pro and this is when he caught the eye of many in the bodybuilding world. Following the show, Mostafa was forced to take some time off after being hospitalized with an infection. This impacted his overall physique but Mostafa was able to get back on stage seven times in 2021.

Mostafa earned qualification to the 2021 Olympia despite not winning a competition. He was able to total enough points in the standings to earn his spot that way. Mostafa finished 13th at the Olympia and ninth at the 2021 Arnold Classic, which took place just two weeks prior. With the bodybuilding season back to its normal schedule, Mostafa is preparing to attack Orlando before anything else.

During the 2021 season, Mostafa’s conditioning was the main talking point about his physique. He is an extremely muscular bodybuilder and has plenty of mass needed to compete in Men’s Open. Now, he needs to work on the details and that has been his method of training. In recent physique updates, he has stated his goals and they are all leading up to Orlando.

The Egyptian bodybuilder has a chance to make some noise if he is able to make these changes to his physique. Hassan Mostafa has been working out frequently with Rafael Brandao at Flex Lewis’ Dragon Lair Gym. This has been motivation for all involved to give it their all while training.

For Mostafa, this is an important season to get back on track and all signs point to major improvement during competition. Fans have plenty to be excited about after looking at some recent updates.

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