How Chul Soon Hwang Works Out For A Classic & Chiseled Physique


This workout from Chul Soon is one to give you a great classic physique.

Chul Soon Hwang is a Korean Bodybuilder with a chiseled physique that gives him the classic, old school look. As a successful bodybuilder winning numerous contests, he has also appeared in commercials and TV shows and is a national and international sensation.

When it comes to our workouts and the inspiration we need to see a shredded and classic physique we will love, we need to look to bodybuilders and professional athletes who have done these workouts before. They are living proof of what can happen when you put your mind to it for they’ve done all these workouts before. With so many websites and influencers claiming to know exactly what works, looking to those professional bodybuilders for advice will prove worthwhile for all your gains.

Chul Soon Hwang has made a name for himself both at home and abroad and this classic, old school physique reminds those bodybuilding fans of the older days when that massive aesthetic was chiseled and beyond defined.

Full Name: Chul Soon Hwang

Weight Height Date Of Birth
215-225 lbs. 5’10’’ 09/01/1983
Profession Era Nationality
Bodybuilder, Celebrity Personal Trainer, Fitness Model 2010 Korean

As someone who understands the importance of nutrition and training, Chul works hard to stay in those strict guidelines, but enjoys diversifying things so they stay interesting. That old school physique is cool and one to certainly envy and this workout from Chul can get you on your way to that chiseled aesthetic.

Chul Soon Hwang

About Chul Soon Hwang

Chul began weightlifting at a young age for the main reason of respect. He wanted those around him to see him as something admirable. At first, his long training sessions of nearly 2-3 hours were not as efficient as they could have been. Once he realized this, Chul began to follow a structured workout program, focused on his diet, and changed his mindset so he could see the gains he wanted most.

Once that physique began to take shape, he started competed in bodybuilding competitions and shows, and would soon become a well-known force, working as a celebrity personal trainer and appearing in commercials, magazines, and TV shows. Using his platform, Chul seeks to better the lives of those around him and inspire others to get as big and defined as they want.

Chul Soon Hwang

Chul Soon Hwang Training Routine

When it comes to his training, Chul focuses on compound movements to work many muscle groups and save time. His exercises reflect those of the Golden Era which give him that classic and old school look. Strength and size are beyond important and the balance between those should never be overlooked.

Day #1: Back

Exercises Sets Reps
Wide-Grip Cable Pulldown 3 10
Close Grip Rows 3 10
Seated Rows (Normal Grip) 3 8
T-Bar Row 3 8
Rack Pull 3 10
Pull-Ups 3 Until Failure

Day #2: Chest

Exercises Sets Reps
Dumbbell Chest Press 3 10
Incline Machine Press 3 10
Cable Chest Fly 3 12
Pec Deck Machine 3 12
Dumbbell Fly 3 10

Day #3: Legs

Exercises Sets Reps
Hack Squat 3 10
Leg Press 3 10
Hamstring Curl 3 12
Leg Extension 3 12
Standing Calf Raise 3 15

Day #4: Biceps & Triceps

Exercises Sets Reps
Single Arm Triceps Extension 3 10
Preacher Curl with EZ Bar 3 10
Close-Grip Bench Press with Triceps Focus 3 10
Barbell Curl 3 12
Single Arm Preacher Curl 3 8
EZ Bar Skullcrushers 3 12

Day #5: Shoulders

Exercises Sets Reps
Standing Overhead Press 3 10
Dumbbell Alternating Front Raise 3 12
Lateral Raise 3 12
Reverse Pec Deck Machine 3 10
Dumbbell Rows 3 10

Chul Soon Hwang

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