How Terron Beckham Builds Massive Muscle & Burns Stubborn Fat


These workouts from Terron Beckham will show you how he builds his chest and burns away fat.

Terron Beckham is a fitness model, rugby player, and social media personality with many followers seeking his advice on workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle tips. With great content centered around health and fitness, Terron works to deliver only best for his loyal followers.

When it comes to working hard and pushing our bodies, looking to those online with shredded physiques is a good place to start. They’ve done it all before and are living proof of what can happen when you grind in the gym. We all know great exercises and many of us know our way around a gym, but with advice from those who do it every day, and who produce stellar content at that, you may learn a thing or two that can take your workouts to the next level.

These two workouts below are great for building your chest and burning stubborn fat with a high-intensity workout. What you will find are a few exercises, but the right amount of sets and reps to push muscular endurance and strength in order to get the workout done as efficiently as possible.

Full Name: Terron Beckham
Weight Height Date Of Birth
220-225 lbs. 5’9’’ 07/28/1992
Profession Era Nationality
Fitness Model, Social Media Personality, Rugby Player 2010 American


Terron Beckham
Photo via @fbaftermath Instagram

About Terron Beckham

Terron was always active as a child, playing sports and taking advantage of outdoor activities. He was a talented football player, but he would eventually give this up in order to put himself through school. But fitness remained a large piece of his life and he continued to lift and stay as shredded as possible.

He began sharing photos and videos online which garnered attention and the followers started coming. When his career as a fitness trainer and model began to show prospect, he decided to take advantage of it and continued to impress. Now with a large following on social media, he continues to share his workout advice and post great content to educate and entertain his many followers.

Terron Beckham
Photo via @fbaftermath Instagram

Terron Beckham Training Routine

In two of his videos, Terron shares his training routine involving a high-intensity interval fat burning workout and a chest building workout. The HIIT session is great for those on limited time looking to get their heart rate going and get a sweat on. While you will use certain machines, like a treadmill and rowing machine, a gym will have these so you can complete with no problem.

The chest building workout is great for those looking to beef up their chest and pump those pecs. The exercises you will know, however, the higher sets and reps Terron has included in this workout are great for those looking to build muscular endurance and really push those muscles to fatigue.

HIIT Workout


Terron warms up with a 5 minute jog or some form of light cardio to get the blood flowing and heart rate going. A warm-up is obviously important for all workouts, however, with a high-intensity interval workout, you will need to give those muscles some special attention.


Superset: 5 sets total

  • Rowing Machine: 500 meters
  • Med Ball Burpees: 10 reps

End Superset

  • Treadmill Sprints: 100m, 10 times
  • Box Jumps: 20 reps
  • Run: 1 mile

Chest Workout

Exercises Sets Reps
Dips 4 25
Bench Press 4 2-6
Incline Flys 4 10-15
Cable Crossover 4-5 10-15
Chest Press Machine 4 10
Dips 4 25

Aside from the bench, these other exercises are designed for higher reps to push endurance and build up muscular fatigue. The bench press is the only heavy exercises to get a pump and push your chest at the start of your workout. Lower reps allow you to go up in weight within what you feel as your limits.

Terron starts and finishes with dips to develop triceps and chest thickness for better development while also serving as a great warm-up and workout finisher. With a total of 200 dips, you will certainly feel the burn in both your chest and triceps as you seek to push yourself to the limit.

Why High Intensity Interval Training Is Great For Gains

High-intensity interval training is a fast-paced form of cardio where you engage with intervals and alternate between high intensity and recovery style intervals. What you will find is the high intensity work pushes you to the limit for a brief period of time while you recover in between with lighter work. HIIT is typically done on the bike, treadmill, rowing machine, or elliptical, but everyone has their preference.

People love HIIT sessions because it provides for a number of benefits to aid in your muscle building and endurance enhancing goals. By getting your heart rate going, what you will find is more calorie burn, more energy, and the ability to push yourself to the limit while building effective muscle and losing fat.

Benefits of high-intensity interval training include:

  • Promotes fat loss: Gets your heart rate and metabolism going to burn more calories and change your body composition to develop your desired physique.
  • Increases muscle: Works your muscles by improving strength and requiring them to push through fatigue, thus building more muscle.
  • Boost endurance: Effective cardio builds that endurance base and improves oxygen consumption to train longer and with more intensity.

Wrap Up

Terron Beckham knows exactly what to do in efforts to lean down and build muscle. These two workouts are great to include in your own routine as you look to get that desired physique you want most. Taking notes from those fitness folks who know what it takes can greatly enhance our chances of seeing our own goals become reality. A great HIIT fat burning session and a chest building workout will ensure you see gains and do so effectively in the process. Give these workouts from Terron Beckham a try and watch those gains take off today.

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