How To Get A Better Chest Day Pump


Tips for a Better Chest Day Pump

Almost all men who workout desire a wider chest. A broader and fuller chest can make you stand out of the crowd other than the fact that it adds a dash of masculinity to your personality.

A muscle pump is critical to the development of your muscles. The pump is when blood rushes to your working muscles and carries lactic acid and nutrients along with it. Developing your chest can be hard if you’re unable to recruit all your pectoral muscles during your workouts.

Pre-Exhaust Your Pecs

Most people start their chest workouts with the good old barbell bench press. While there is no denying the fact the bench press is a great exercise, performing an isolation exercise like the cable flyes can result in a better chest pump.

Performing the cable flyes at the beginning of your workouts will exhaust your pecs and you won’t have to lift as big weights as compared to what you would’ve to lift if you started off with the bench press.

Use a Pre-Workout Supplement

Pre-workout supplements can be incredibly effective in helping you get a pec pump during your workout. Pre-workout supplements have ingredients like nitric oxide, beta alanine, caffeine, beetroot extract, etc. which can help in achieving and amplifying muscles pumps.

Not only will the pre-workout supplement help you get a muscle-ripping pump but will also improve the quality of your workout by delaying fatigue, improving your focus and mind-muscle connection.


Add Isolation Exercises To The Mix

Compound (multi-joint) exercises like the bench or dumbbell presses are great at building muscle mass and strength. On the other hand, isolation (single-joint) exercises like pec deck fly, cables, chest machines are effective in getting you a better muscle pump and developing muscle conditioning.

Make sure you don’t rely too heavily on the isolation exercises as they might feel easier and quicker to perform. Maintain the right balance between compound and isolation movements to get the best of both worlds.

Increase Intensity and Change Rep Tempos

If you’ve been performing the 5 exercises of 3 set and 12 reps training routine and are not getting a muscle pump anymore, it’s time to spice things up. Pump your workout intensity by performing higher reps (15-20) to take your workouts to the next level.

Changing your rep tempos can also help in inducing better and nastier muscle pumps. An example of the rep tempos could be to slow down the negatives (eccentric movement) and fasten up the positive (concentric movement).

Use Advanced Training Techniques

Hitting a plateau can be one of the biggest factors for not getting a pump. Using advanced training techniques like the supersets, drop sets, intraset stretching, etc. can be an incredibly effective way of breaking through the overhead glass ceiling.

Try to incorporate at least one advanced training techniques in your workouts for getting a muscle-scorching pump. There are numerous training techniques to keep you entertained while ensuring muscle growth and development.

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