How To Improve Your Bench Weight


Lift Heavier Weights Instantly With This Technique

The bench press has been the benchmark for machoism for a long time. ‘How much do you bench?’ is one of the most common questions thrown around in the gyms by beefed-up bros trying to prove their superiority.

The bench press is a compound chest exercise and takes some time to get better at. If you’re gearing up for a contest or want to build a ripped chest on a schedule, this technique will help you put a few extra pounds on your bench press.

Ask for a Spot

Another way of getting stronger is to get a permanent spotter. Having someone to spot you gives you instant motivation and a confidence boost which can help you in lifting heavier weights.

If you don’t have someone to spot you at your gym, it is a good idea to sign up for personal training. Before you get yourself a personal trainer, understand the benefits of using a personal trainer. It will help you make a better decision.

Perform Heavy Isolation Exercises

Isolation exercises are a great primer for performing heavy compound exercises like the bench press. Isolation exercises allow you to have leverage by fixing a range of motion which can allow you to lift heavier weights.

You can lift heavier weights in isolation exercises as you don’t have to use your muscle stabilizers to balance the weights. Isolation exercises like the hammer strength chest press can help you in building strength which you can carry over to the bench press.

Fix Your Form

Many people fail to increase their bench press because they have the wrong form. Your form while performing the bench press has a big impact on how much weight you can lift. Following a powerlifter stance can help lift heavier weights.

Lie down on a flat bench with an arch in your back so only your shoulders and lower back are touching the bench. There should be enough space between your middle back and the bench that your hand could pass through it. Place your feet under your knees as doing this helps you in generating thoracic pressure.

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