How Wrist Wraps Enhance Bodyweight Workouts For Support & Stability


Use wrist wraps in efforts to enhance those bodyweight workouts.

We often find ourselves lifting big weight and neglecting the fact that bodyweight workouts can actually enhance our routine. A great bodyweight workout has the ability to provide for convenience and allow us the versatility of performing this anywhere and at anytime, however, for those of us looking to gain muscle and increase size, we look down on bodyweight workouts.

But we shouldn’t because these can greatly influence our gains with the right approach. For those concerned about unwanted soreness caused by those bodyweight workouts that target the upper body, fear not. Wrist wraps are a great lifting accessory that translates well into both bodyweight and weightlifting exercises. The right option for support and added stability, wrist wraps will go a long way for your routine.

Let’s take a look at both bodyweight workouts and wrist wraps to see how these two correlate. A great bodyweight workout can take our routine to new heights and a quality pair of wrist wraps will be a game changer when it comes to all of those support and stability goals.

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Benefits Of Bodyweight Workouts

While we all love to lift big weight and take advantage of those machines in the gym, looking to bodyweight exercises also has plenty of perks. The benefits of bodyweight exercises will prove to you why you should put these into your routine and maybe even put an increased focus on these as well.

Benefits of bodyweight workouts include:

  • Convenient and versatile: These can be done anytime and anywhere and serve as a great workout with no equipment needed so you never have an excuse to not get a great workout.
  • Can build muscle: Bodyweight exercises actually can build muscle and it would be a mistake to neglect what these can do for all your gains .
  • Lower risk of injury: Without using weights and the sheer amount of load that weights can cause, what you will find is your risk of injury is lower and you can better tackle those recovery needs pain free.
  • Progression is strictly rep based: You can keep track of progress by counting how many you perform. If you start at ten push-ups and work to fifty, it is a clear line of progress in your strength goals.
  • Get that heart rate up: Work to elevate your heart rate to give yourself increased calorie burn and the chance at a great aerobic workout to increase endurance and shed some unwanted fat.
  • Perfect for all levels: Bodyweight exercises are perfect for people of all experience levels and will fit nicely into any number of routines.

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Are Bodyweight Workouts Worth It Over Weightlifting?

Bodyweight workouts are better than weightlifting if it comes to the right person. Both are highly effective forms for seeing gains, however, depending on who you are and what your intended goals are, you can better tackle any and all of those exercise needs.

Given the above benefits, it would appear that bodyweight workouts can offer great gains to you, but so can weightlifting. For those who are more into seeing muscle growth with strength and size, weightlifting is for you. Those looking to build muscle and get the heart rate going in a convenient way with less load, then bodyweight exercises are for you. While it is a preference, you just need to know what your intended goals are.

How Wrist Wraps Benefit You

Wrist wraps are a workout accessory used by many to improve their lifts and overall training. However, wrist wraps can benefit your bodyweight workouts and is something to consider, especially for those prone to wrist pain and potential problems with wrist support and stability.

Benefits of wrist wraps include:

  • Stabilize your wrist: For those who want a solid grip or a more stable feel when working out, wrist wraps will hold your wrist in place to prevent excess movement that can cause unwanted pain and injury.
  • Provide better grip: A better grip 
  • allows for more comfort and if you are undertaking an aggressive workout, the more comfortable you are, the better you will perform.

Support high volume and intensity: For those more intense movements, what you will find is wrist wraps will keep your wrists supported and able to tackle any of those problems.

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How Wrist Wraps Benefit Those Bodyweight Workouts

One may be wondering how exactly wrist wraps can benefit your bodyweight workouts. Without lifting weight, why is it important to use wrist wraps? Well, wrist wraps can provide that comfort, support, and stability for a number of bodyweight exercises, especially with the intensity and strain of certain movements.

Think of a push-up. Your wrists are constantly moving and overtime, that wear and tear can cause unwanted pain. Or the burpee, where the explosiveness of this movement and the catching of yourself on the ground can be a lot on your wrists. With wrist wraps, what you will find is that you are better supported for intensity, more stable during those static exercises, and better assisted for those more dynamic ones.

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Certain Bodyweight Exercises With A Focus On Wrist Wraps

Let’s take a look at a few bodyweight exercises that you should use wrist wraps with to enhance gains and work for the best protection and support.

Great wrist wrap bodyweight exercises include:

  • Push-Ups
  • Planks
  • Dips
  • Pull-ups
  • Burpees
  • Hand Walks

Check out our list of the Best Wrist Wraps for more great support and stabilizing products!

Wrap Up

Bodyweight exercise are perfect to include in your workout and when placed into your routine, you will see great gains minus the weight. While the load and increased strain on your wrists can be a lot, including wrist wraps in your routine is something to heavily consider for they can offer support, stability, and a great sense of comfort for those lifts. If you want to take advantage of a great bodyweight workout without worrying about unwanted wrist pain, then definitely consider wrist wraps in your gym bag.

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