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Seeing bodybuilding legacies continued throughout generations is a wonderful thing in the sport. Most recently we got to see Lee and Hunter Labrada comparing leg shots in a recent posing session.

Expectations are high to see what Hunter is able to do to further the Labrada legacy. After all, his father had quite the impressive career, being regarded as one of the best bodybuilders to never win the Olympia, but coming in the top four on numerous occasions.

Hunter is doing quite well for himself so far too, only competing for the first time as a pro in 2020. However there is a lot of anticipation to see how he does, given that he is the son of the IFBB Hall of Famer.

Hunter Labrada has explained that Lee did not do much to help him get involved in bodybuilding, but they are often seen working together nowadays. A recent example was seen of this, as the two hit the Labrada Nutrition gym together for a day of working.

A picture posted to Instagram sees Hunter and Lee hitting some poses at the conclusion of this session. The two are side by side, as they each hit matching leg poses, comparing how each other’s quads look next to each other.

“One of the cooler parts of training exclusively at the @labradanutrition gym is that @leelabradaofficial is always around!” Hunter Labrada wrote.

“Whether it be to mess around after we get done training like this (he trains with us during his lunch break), or if I go pull him out of his office to actually take a look and pose me, having him around daily is making me a better person AND bodybuilder💪🏻

Yes, I’m very aware I didn’t get the skin color genes… just the world class bodybuilding ones😉 “

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Considering the fact that Lee Labrada has not competed since 1995, the fact that his legs are able to compare to Hunter’s is incredible. That said, it is clear which one of these men is preparing for a competition, even if Lee looks unbelievable for someone in their sixties.

Of course, part of the reason Hunter’s legs look so insane is because of the new quad training split he started. Just before this posing shot with his dad, he shared a video of his new quad workout, breaking down how it works.

“Quads A:

A1 standing calf (no video)- 1 straight set 10-12 reps, 1 triple drop set aiming for 10 reps a stop

B1 seated calf (no video)- 1 straight set 10-12 reps, 1 triple drop set aiming for 10 reps a stop

C1 abductor (no video)- 1 straight set 10-12 reps

D1 adductor (no video)- 1 straight set 10-12 reps

E1 @arsenal_strength pendulum with @elitefts grey band- 1 working set 8-12 reps (all time pr for this, 3pps for 9 + 1)

F1 split squats with @primefitnessusa15 degree wedge- 1 working set 12-15 reps (first time doing these in forever, definitely almost ate shit😅)

G1 @primefitnessusa leg extension (set split into 2 videos)- 1 triple drop set aiming for 10 reps a stop (didn’t happen for me🤣)”

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It is certainly something unique to see Lee and Hunter Labrada working out and posing together. Time will tell who winds up with the better legacy, but Hunter is certainly on the right track.

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