IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Joe Mackey Crushes 910-Pound Deadlift At Iron Wars VII


Joe Mackey continues to excel in multiple areas using his strength.

Joe Mackey is an IFBB pro bodybuilder that has used his strength in many ways. On many occasions, he is seen hitting lifts for insane numbers and proving that he is one of the strongest bodybuilders of all-time. Recently, he deadlifted 910 pounds during Iron Wars VII.

Mackey is active in both bodybuilding and powerlifting. In 2022, he finished fourth in Men’s Open during the Tampa Pro. He also competed in the Texas Pro, where he finished ninth. He has not entered any shows for 2023 just yet but it is clear that he is working on his strength and physique.

On Friday, CT Fletcher hosted Iron Wars VII and Mackey was able to display his incredible strength once again.

Joe Mackey

Joe Mackey Crushes 910 Pounds

Joe Mackey stepped up to the weight with a lifting belt and straps on. He did not wear a deadlift suit for this particular lift. The plates were tied onto the barbell so they were secure as he moved the massive weight.

Joe Mackey was able to reach 850 pounds during his last appearance at Iron Wars VI, which took place in May 2022. In training, he eclipsed 900 pounds in April but struggled to reach 910. He shared a post on Instagram showing a failed attempt of this weight before he was able to crush it at the event on Friday.

Mackey earned an award for his deadlift at the show and shared that he is not done yet. It will be interesting to see how Mackey pushes his limits now that the calendar year has turned.


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