Iranian Hulk Shows Crazy Strength By Bending Frying Pan With Bare Hands


The Iranian Hulk has made it clear that he still holds super-human strength.

Is the Iranian Hulk still frustrated over his fight being cancelled? Is this just a show of brute strength? Either way, Sajad Gharibi has made it known that he still holds super-human strength and is capable of doing some crazy things with his bare hands.

In a recent YouTube video, Iranian Hulk is seen bending a frying pan using nothing but his hands. This video was released just four days before Gharibi was scheduled to step in the ring with Martyn Ford at the O2 Arena in London.

There was plenty of drama surrounding the cancellation of this fight earlier in April. Ford claimed that it was cancelled because of “mental well-being” and “health and safety risks.” This came after a video was released of a TV interview featuring an emotional Gharibi speaking on his relationship with his family following the initial stare down with Ford.

Of course, April 30 was not the original date for the fight. It was slated to take place on April 2 but was moved to give fights more time to prepare. On April 4, Ford released a video on social media explaining that the fight night will still be on but they would not be part of it. This did not go over well with Iranian Hulk, who threatened to sue for breach of contract.

During the pre-fight preparation, Iranian Hulk was seen doing some crazy things. In November, he released videos fighting off a group of men and punching concrete walls. More recently, Iranian Hulk was being hit in the midsection with wooden boards in order to build strength in different ways.

The Iranian Hulk did not post to social media much but there was an instance where he shared a YouTube video looking extremely slimmed down while working out on a treadmill.

It is unknown if Iranian Hulk and Martyn Ford will rescheduled their fight, which has been anticipated for years now. If they do, there will be even more hype surrounding the bout after the drama that ensued. If they do not, it is clear that both fighters will continue to train and show off their strength in different ways.

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