Iron Maiden – Anna Victoria


Anna Victoria – The Shredder, Toner, and Sculptor

Anna Victoria is everything you could ever ask for in a female fitness athlete plus much more. Her 1.2 million followers on Instagram are proof of her popularity and establishes her as an online fitness celebrity.

Victoria grew up in a small town in Southern California. She didn’t start as a fitness enthusiast and remembers cringing at people who spent hours working out and prepping meals.

Through her teen years, Anna was eating microwavable, packaged, processed, and fast food. Her bad eating habits led to a series of health problems, and she ended up in an emergency room at one point.

Her unhealthy lifestyle came to an end when she met Luca (now her husband). Luca encouraged Anna to start her transformation, and she heeded to his advice after realizing how eating healthy food was changing her body for the better.

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