Julius Maddox Attempts 804Lb Bench Press in Recent Powerlifting Meet


Julius Maddox nearly made his dream of an 800lb press a reality.

Powerlifter Julius Maddox recently attempted at 804.8lb bench press at an official meet. With his goal of conquering 800lbs in his sight Maddox came close to making his dream a reality. Unfortunately, it appears that it wasn’t meant to be, at least not this time.

Popular powerlifter Julius Maddox is having a tough goal that recently. Renowned for his prowess in the bench press, Maddox has dominated the category for quite some time. Holding the raw Bench press world record at 782lbs back in February 2021, Maddox still holds the official record. But with being another talented athlete challenging for throne, Maddox is feeling the heat.

Having been dead set on benching 800 pounds, Julius Maddox has been hard at work in the gym in preparation. Having successfully bench press 796 pounds in recent training, it’s clear that Maddox possesses the strength to crack 800. At a recent powerlifting meet, Maddox got that very opportunity. Unfortunately for the dedicated powerlifter, things didn’t go as way.

The Attempt


While his recent attempt may have ended in failure, Julius Maddox can hold his head up high. The attempt was a strong showing. He didn’t buckle under the weight and still showed some ability to push the bar off his chest. If anything, it’s a sign of things to come. Maddox is right within the margin for error. He’s very close to accomplishing his goal and only needs to keep pushing before he’s able to conquer the 800lb bench press.

While he may be down in the dumps right now, Julius Maddox should be nothing but proud of himself. He’s right within striking distance and can make history if he doesn’t give up on himself. Knowing Maddox, that’s highly unlikely. While this failed attempt may be hard to swallow, he will most likely use it as motivation to conquer his dream of 800lbs. There can be no growth without some hardship. Maddox knows this well and will use this last meet as a means to push himself forward in his journey.

Do you think Julius Maddox can complete the 800lb bench press?

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