Jurins Kengamu Sets Two New British Records In 83kg Category


Jurins Kengamu is primed and ready for a huge year in 2022

Jurins Kengamu had quite a weekend and did two things that have never been done before in the 83kg division. The powerlifter participated in the 2022 British Powerlifting British Men’s Classic Championships and set two new British records.

Kengamu competed in the event, which took place on March 12 and 13, and left making a huge impression setting the tone for the rest of the year. Kengamu squatted 295.5kg (651.5lbs) to set a new British Record. Kengamu held the previous mark as well. He completed a 292.5kg (645lb) lift during the 2021 British Powerlifting British Open Classic.

When it was all said and done, Jurins Kengamu also broke the total record. He also held this previous record and bested himself once again totaling 788kg (1,727.2 lbs). Kengamu also set new competition PRs with a 172.5kg (380.3lb) bench press and 320kg (705.5lb) deadlift.

Kengamu burst onto the scene six years ago but he is continuing to take his ability to the next level. He has competed in 15 events and that number is going to continue to rise. Kengamu finished third ring the 2021 EPE European Classic Powerlifting Championships. He has also competed at World Championships in 2018 and finished eighth. Kengamu is already a strong competitor but he is continuing to set new PRs and take his strength up a notch.

Jurins Kengamu plans to compete during the 2022 IPF World Championships. He is in the same weight class as Russel Orhii and this makes for an exciting show already. Orhii has emerged as one of the best in the weight class. While Orhii is the mark, Kengamu is rising and has a chance to finish on the podium. That is certainly the goal and it would say a lot about the work put in by Kengamu.

If this competition is any indication, it looks as though Jurins Kengamu has a chance to compete with anyone in the weight class. He has now set the British records even higher and it will be interesting to see how long he can hold them. Kengamu will now begin training for his next competition which has a chance to be noteworthy.

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