Sometimes a constant state of confusion can be a good thing.

Muscle growth can be a funny business. You can only pulverize a muscle so much before you end up hitting a wall. It’s a fact that many bodybuilders have to deal with, hitting the plateau of muscle growth. On the road to getting shredded there are always roadblocks in your way. The truth of the matter is that your muscles get used to your usual routine after awhile. The muscles are like sentient beings, with their own consciousness and awareness. They know what you’re putting them through and in a sense that normalcy translates to “laziness” on the muscle’s part. They know what’s coming and refuse to do their job and grow.

So what the hell do you do when you get to that point? Well there’s more than one way to break through a plateau. Muscle confusion. Sounds pretty odd to treat a muscle like it’s a sentient being, but that’s exactly what you need to do. You’ve gotta put your muscles through different routines so hitting a plateau becomes less likely. So how exactly do you confuse a muscle? Well we’ve got some tips to help the process.

Change The Exercise

Sometimes the best way to confuse your muscles is by switching things up. Instead of the bench try some flyes, instead of the triceps pull down try some over head triceps extensions. Can’t hurt.

Emphasize Volume

The volume of your exercises can also have an impact on confusing your muscles. Try dropping the weight and upping the volume of your weight training to see what kind of results you can get.

Go Heavy

You can also try the opposite and try going heavy to shock your muscles as well. Low weight high volume can’t work forever though it will help
your muscle endurance. Why not challenge yourself and go heavy.

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