Larry Wheels Announces Deadlift PR Attempt Date Following 425kg Lift


Larry Wheels will take on a new deadlift challenge in August.

Larry Wheels has become known for his massive feats of strength. He has built a huge following on social media and this is where he shared his latest deadlift and made a big announcement. In August, Wheels will be taking on a new PR deadlift.

On Tuesday, Wheels posted a video of a 425kg (937lb) deadlift on Instagram. This is when revealed his plan to hit a new PR in August. With this announcement coming in May and Wheels already hitting 937 pounds, what could this PR be when the time comes?


While Larry Wheels did not reveal what the lift would be, he left it up for followers to guess in the comments. It would not be surprising to see Wheels target the 1,000-pound mark when the time comes.

Wheels has a long history as a powerlifter but has recently taken on different ventures, such as arm wrestling. He is planning to return to the stage during the 2022 Middle East’s Strongest Man competition, which is set to take place on Aug. 27-28. At this event, the max deadlift is one of the events and this is where Wheels will take on his new PR.

Larry Wheels Competition History

Larry Wheels competed in sanctioned powerlifting for seven years. During this time, he competed in 16 shows and finished with 11 victories. He also holds the all-time raw world record for total weight and bench press in the U140kg division.

Wheels has continued to train like a powerlifter and has his numbers at massive heights. It is clear that Wheels is continuing to build strength and will likely have a shot at winning his competition in August.

Larry Wheels Competition PRs

  • Squat: 394.6 kilograms (870 pounds)
  • Deadlift: 387.2 kilograms (855 pounds)
  • Bench press: 293 kilograms (645 pounds)
  • Total: 1,075 kilograms (2,370 pounds)

When Larry Wheels takes the stage, there will certainly be plenty of eyes on him. He has built an Instagram following of 3.3 million and counting. He has already teased a deadlift PR attempt and this will only bring more attention to his performance. Can Wheels be the next to officially deadlift 1,000 pounds?

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